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‘Teacher’s take-home pay cannot take teacher home’

3 March 2012 No Comment

Written by : Sammy Martin

Published  by http://manilatimes.net

Nobel laureate George Bernard Shaw’s acid-tongued observation, “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach” must have been taken to heart by teachers themselves. Now they are pressing the Department of Education (DepEd) to give what is due them before making good the department’s program to teach them financial literacy.

France Castro, President of the Metro Manila chapter of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) said the DepEd is missing the whole point when it announced it will implement such a program soon as well as the order of Secretary Armin Luistro calling for the implementation of the P5,000 net take home pay of the country’s public school teachers from the present P3,000 when the real problem is “that our salaries are simply not enough to support a family.”

“We, teachers have been called collectively as “Taga-London” (to mean loan dito at loan doon) for a good reason.  For our families to survive, we have resorted to borrowing money from different lending institutions because as the saying goes, ‘our take home pay, cannot take us home,’” Castro said.

“Making both ends meet needs more than teaching us financial literacy. Grant us first our demand for salary increases instead. That makes sense and a lot of difference. Besides, how can the slave-like pay of P3, 000 for contractual teachers support her and her family?” she added.

She explained that the real value of the monthly pay of Teacher I (entry level position), which comprises the majority of teachers in the country couldn’t cope with the rising costs of basic commodities.

The family living wage in the National Capital Region (NCR), estimated at P957 per day or than P21,054 per month, is in sharp contrast with the current P15, 649 monthly salary of a Teacher 1.

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