26 February 2013—Rep. Antonio Tinio joined leaders of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) in a dialogue with the Department of Education regarding early voting of teachers and other DepEd employees tapped for election service in 13 May 2013

Rep. Tinio brought to DepEd’s attention the urgent need for it to inform all teachers, heads of schools, and its other employees who will be members of BEIs, supervisors, and support staff that they can apply for early voting.

Undersecretary for Legal Affairs Alberto Muyot revealed that DepEd received Resolution 9637 (COMELEC’s rules on early voting) only on 25 February, Monday, but his office will immediately draft a memorandum regarding DepEd’s implementation of the early voting.  The Memorandum will disseminate the application form (LAV Form No. 1, click here for the downloadable form) and inform all persons concerned of their right to vote on April 28 to 30 (two weeks before election day) provided that they file the duly accomplished form with the Division Superintendent before March 15.  It will also direct all Divisions to submit to the DepEd Central Office the names of those appointed for poll duties.  USec. Muyot also clarified that applicants are not required to notarize the accomplished form; a text message from COMELEC said that Superintendent can sign the certification (the last two signatures at the bottom portion of the form).