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ACT conducts relief mission in Novaliches, Quezon City

3 May 2010 No Comment

The Alliance of Concerned Teachers and ACT Teachers Party-List conducted a relief mission in Katrina, Villareal, Barangay Gulod in Novaliches, Quezon City last Saturday, October 17.

The relief goods, consisting of rice, canned goods, instant noodle packs, bottled water, and used clothing, were generated from solicitations by public school teachers in Malabon and Quezon City as well as the All-UP Workers’ Union and the ACT national office. The teachers worked with the Katrina neighborhood association in cooperation with Gabriela-NCR to organize the mission.

The residents of Katrina live on the banks of a creek. During tropical storm Ondoy, a powerful deluge overtopped the banks and engulfed the community in floodwaters that were over two storeys high. A number of houses were washed away completely and residents had to scramble to the handful of third-storey rooftops in the area to survive. Using a makeshift raft made out of plywood, a number of men were able to ferry many of their neighbors, including all the children, to safety. Junie Latoza, 22 years old, saved the lives of many children before he was overcome by exhaustion and drowned. His body was found in the mud when the floodwaters subsided.

A brief program was held in the community as part of the mission. Community members shared some of their experiences and their stories of survival, and a few moments of silence were spared to honor the memory of Junie Latoza. Afterwards, relief packages were distributed to 200 families.

ACT national chairperson Antonio Tinio noted that the government has so far failed to give any assistance to the residents of Katrina. “The hundreds of victims of Ondoy and Pepeng are victims not just of natural calamities but of the Arroyo government’s overall failure to provide safe homes, jobs, and adequate social services to the poor over the past decade.”

ACT continues to solicit donations for relief goods. Please contact Zeny at 0919-8198903 or email us at act_philippines@ yahoo.com. #


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