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ACT Teachers’ Rep. Antonio Tinio and Rep. France Castro’s statement on the railroading of Chief Justice Sereno’s impeachment

5 October 2017 No Comment


05 October 2017


We strongly score the railroading done by the House Committee on Justice on the impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.  Today’s hearing is a clear manifestation of the Duterte administration’s political arm-twisting and bullying of those who oppose him. The House of Representatives is acting as a rubber stamp in the hands of President Duterte to do the demolition jobs.


The hearing is at the stage of determination of the sufficiency of the grounds, or whether they rise to the level of impeachable offenses. However, the Committee deliberately declined to discuss those very grounds in the complaint. The Committee did not even entertain the letters of Chief Justice Sereno’s lawyers asserting the right to cross-examine and confront Gadon and his witnesses. It is a clear scheme of railroading and the leadership intends to hasten the proceedings as a marching order of President Duterte.


Chief Justice Sereno’s impeachment is just one of the many dirty ploys by the Duterte administration to silence democracy. He intends to demolish the Chief Justice as head of a co-equal branch of the government. And he also plans to impeach the Ombudsman as his next target.


We call on the people to exercise vigilance and not be blinded by the scheme of President Duterte. ###

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