ACT TEACHERS Rep. Antonio Tinio on President Aquino’s 4th SONA

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22 July 2013
Reference: ACT TEACHERS Party-List Rep. Antonio Tinio (09209220817)

PNoy’s 4th SONA was a long, winding, self-congratulatory enumeration of the triumphs of Daang Matuwid. However, it failed to touch on the basic concerns of the majority of Filipinos suffering economic hardship – such as the need to generate employment; raise wages and salaries; lower the price of electricity, water, and fuel; and provide affordable housing. It  utterly failed to acknowledge and address the worsening inequality brought about by market-driven growth.

On the anti-corruption front,  PNoy clearly downplayed the corruption scandals of the moment, perhaps because the magnitude of the alleged PDAF scam and MRT extortion would overshadow the numerous triumphs of matuwid na daan that the President was keen to highlight in his speech. The challenge remains for PNoy to take a stand for the abolition of the pork barrel system as the lasting legacy of his anti-corruption drive.