ACT Teachers Rep. Antonio Tinio on US State Department effort to exclude North Korea from ASEAN Regional Forum:

6 August 2017
The blatant attempt by the US State Department  to pressure members of the ASEAN Regional Forum into excluding North Korea from diplomatic discussion  and dialogue is clear proof that US imperialism is the real threat to peace and stability in our region.
Unfortunately, despite his anti-US rhetoric, Pres. Duterte is happy to sing the tune of US imperialist policy. He has placed his talent for profanity at the service of the US by  depicting North Korea and its leader Kim Jong Un as the number one threat to peace in the region, thereby justifying the further build-up of US forces in the region. Far from being the  actions of a “madman,” the development and testing of nuclear weapons by North Korea are rational responses to the threats of war and regime change coming from the US.
The reality is that it is US imperialism that poses the biggest obstacle to peace in the region. Despite the end of the Cold War, it remains at war with North Korea; it maintains a ring of military bases in Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines despite growing popular opposition to their presence, and pursued a vast military build-up against China.
It’s the United States that should remove itself from the ASEAN Regional Forum. The key to long-term peace is the withdrawal of US military presence in the Asia-Pacific, to enable the peoples of the region to chart their destiny free from US intervention. ##