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Congress of Teachers and Educators for Nationalism and Democracy – PUP

March 22, 2010



The cornerstone of all successful economies is an enlightened, skilled and socially active citizenry—this is a fact that has time and again been proven in history. Without a creative, willful, socio-politically conscious population, even the greatest of all economic development programs will certainly fail because its people are the core, indispensable resources of the state. Education therefore must be at the fundaments of all economic development agenda of any state. It is a supreme irony therefore for the government to throw to society—to its people—the burden of turning them into these core indispensable resources. Doing so is like a government turning its back to its society and history. Such is the essence of increasing tuition fees in state universities and colleges, which the current PUP administration is hell-bent to do.


Why should PUP milk the students of their parents’ hard-earned money to generate funds to operate? Why not (this administration) clamor for a significant increase in budget instead of increasing tuition rates? Simple: either the administration does not know its responsibility to society or it just does not care. It cares only for what it is going to benefit from the moneys such a huge—really huge: from 12 to 200 pesos per unit)—increase will generate.


The welfare of the faculty should also not be tied with the incomes a state university can generate. The faculty is the means through which students are honed into becoming enlightened, skilled and active citizens so faculty members are doing a great service to society by teaching in a state university, and, an argument that goes with this, thus should be rewarded for this great service. Faculty rewards, however, should not come from the private sector such as students and their parents but from the state for which their services as teachers are rendered. The state must pay teachers back with adequate salaries and benefits, proper and just promotions, good retirement packages, etc.


CONTEND firmly believes in the unassailability of the right of students to public education and the responsibility of the state to educate its citizenry. We are supporting the mass actions of students against the unjust, even despicable, initiatives of the Guevarra administration to increase tuition rates in PUP.




No to Tuition Fee Increase!


No to State Abandonment of Education!


Fight for Higher State Subsidy!


Upgrade Our Facilities!


Upgrade Teachers’ Salaries!




Congress of Teachers and Educators for Nationalism and Democracy  (CONTEND-PUP)



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