Cong. Tinio interpellate sec Luistro during Dep Ed 2013 budget briefing Sept 3 2012

Appropriation Committee briefing on the Department of Education budget. Cong Tinio raise the issue on the shortage of teachers, regularization and raising the honorarium of Volunteer Kinder Teachers, free medical check up of teachers . He also pointed out the conduct of seminars of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Civilian Military Office in public school eg. division of Cebu city and Baguio.








“So there would still be a shortage because these teachers are locally paid. There is a big difference. The nationally paid teachers earn a minimum of P18,000 a month, while the locally paid ones depend on the capacity of the local government units. Some just earn P3,000, some, P5,000,” . Cong Tinio said.








“I, myself, would rather, and the department wishes, that all teachers are on the national plantilla. But when we identified our targets, we identified the shortages as those that are not being met at that time,”