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  • On top of the P63.24 billion already embedded in the PS of agencies for the salary increase of their respective personnel, there is a P39.59 billion Lump Sum for Compensation Adjustment of military and uniformed personnel. In all, over P103 billion salary increase. The P63.24 billion implements the second tranche of EO 201.
  • However, Rep. Tinio reiterated the widespread sentiment of government employees—public school teachers, nurses, utility personnel, and others—that the increases in EO 201 are insufficient. For ordinary employees, salary increases amount to around only P500 per month before tax.
  • Tinio stressed that if the administration wants to give additional salary increases, it must be approved by Congress as a law that will amend the Salary Standardization Law 3. DBM reported that there is already a draft Joint Resolution submitted to President Duterte for his signature. This will supersede EO 201.
  • Tinio said that he hopes that the administration will consider (1) the said sentiment and grant salary increases for government employees greater than those granted under EO 201 and (2) that teachers, non-teaching personnel, nurses, and other government employees, like soldiers and police, also deserve substantial salary increases.


  • Tinio reminded DBM and Congress in plenary of the rampant abuse, if not outright violation, by government agencies of the laws and rules limiting the hiring of personnel on job orders and contracts of service, which can only be done for tasks that cannot be performed by regular personnel and not for regular functions of the agencies. Personnel hired under JOs and COSs have reached 595,162 in 2016, from 337,948 in 2014, or nearly double in just 2 years.
  • He cited DOH, which hired 10,469 doctors, nurses, midwives, medical technologists, dentists, and other health personnel (48% of total workforce, as of 2015)—persons implementing the regular programs of DOH but are paid as low as P14,931, who are not considered as government employees and without benefits and security of tenure. Also cited is the practice of DSWD which hired 14,975 JOs and COSs, or 55% of its total workforce, and the thousands of professors who have spent the best years of their academic lives in state universities and colleges as JOs.
  • Tinio scored the dereliction of government in protecting these thousands of workers in government by (1) issuing policy regulations that further limit the practice of hiring on JOs an COSs and (2) implementing policies already in place (like as the CSC Omnibus Rules on Appointments and Other Personnel Actions).
  • Tinio urged the adoption by Congress of provisions in the budget law of General Provisions that will regulate the hiring by agencies on JOs and COSs. He vowed that he will propose amendments to this effect at the proper time (period of amendments).
  • He also argued for the creation of new items that will pave the way for the regularization of these personnel, like what happened recently for SUCs through the creation of teaching positions in the 2016 budget—granted after a campaign in the sector and his efforts during past budget deliberations.



  • He also relayed that because he raised the issue of budget cuts, DepEd committed to increase some of these programs to about P800 million but this amount will have to be taken from other programs in DepEd due to legal restrictions. Essentially, budget cuts for needed services will result from the mechanical adoption by DBM of a formula. Kulang na nga, babawasan pa.
  • He cited DepEd Undersecretary for Finance’s response during the pre-plenary conference that this was due to the DBM’s budget planning process: it mandated agencies to use their 2015 budgets, adjust them to inflation, then use the product as the 2017 budget proposal. Rep. Tinio said that this formula has resulted to undue and reprehensible budget cuts for services urgently needed by the people, like education.
  • Tinio slammed the P2.635-billion cuts in MOOE for certain DepEd programs, projects, and activities, including Textbooks/Instructional Materials, Basic Education Madrasah Program, Basic Education Curriculum, Indigenous Peoples Education Program, Support to Multi-grade Schools, Every Child A Reader Program, Physical fitness and school sports competitions, including “Palarong Pambansa,” National Science Teaching Instrumentation, and Special Education for Persons with Disability.


  • Tinio also scored the P1.5-million cuts in the MOOE of public hospitals, which the Makabayan bloc already criticized in the early days of the 2017 budget deliberations. He stressed that the motive behind this is to force public hospitals to recover lost budgets by charging fees from patients. This is an unacceptable policy of privatization of health services, which should be free if not accessible especially for poor Filipinos.


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During the budget briefing of the Development Budget Coordinating Committee (DBCC) on the 2017 National Budget Rep. Antonio Tinio interpellates Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno on salary increase for government employees. Sec. Diokno stated that salary increase higher than the four-year adjustment under the Aquino administration’s Executive Order 201 for government employees is “too ambitious.” While we
welcome the inclusion of the second installment for salary increases in the 2017 budget, we maintain that government employees deserve much, much more than the paltry hikes that EO 201 gives, especially for low- and middle-level employees who will be granted increases of only 11% to 22% over four years.

DBM also stated that they intend to lower income tax which will in effect raise the take home pay of government employees. Rep. Tinio welcomes the openness to lower income tax but warns against hiking VAT and excise tax.

DBCC CastroRep. France Castro interpellated Budget Undersecretary Laura Pascua on government employees benefits such as Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) and Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) incentives.

The lawmaker urged Usec. Pascua to rechannel P16.7B PBB funds to salary increase of government employees since such system creates an atmosphere of competition among employees instead of harmonious cooperation towards providing quality public service to the people. DBM agreed to give reports assessing PBB’s role in improving the efficiency of government agencies and agreed to review guidelines in granting PBB.

Also, Rep. Castro insisted DBM to allocate a different funding for CNA incentives to be given to employees, hence there will be sufficient budget for such expenses in MOOE (though it is not always enough in such institutions’ expenditures). The lawmaker insisted that it is an immoral act to acquire CNA incentives from the savings in the MOOE like in schools. DBM promised that they will consider Rep. Castro’s suggestion.


Please click the link below for the video of said deliberation.

Rep. Tinio on DBCC-https://www.facebook.com/act.teachers/videos/1104978472904246/

Rep. Castro on DBCC-https://www.facebook.com/act.teachers/videos/1105994542802639/


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Rep. Castro’s interpellation on the different agency





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31 August 2016
Reference: ACT Teachers Party-List Rep. Antonio L. Tinio (09209220817)
ACT Teachers solon Rep. Antonio L. Tinio urged the Commission on Higher Education and the Department Budget and Management to fast track the distribution of teaching and non-teaching items to SUCs, saying that it is only consistent with the Duterte administration’s campaign to end “endo.”
At the hearing on the proposed 2017 budget for CHED, a representative from DBM informed the House appropriations panel that of the 9,000 new teaching posts created by the 2016 General Appropriations Act, 94 are still to be allocated to state universities and colleges (SUCs), while none of the 6,000 new non-teaching posts have been given to them for lack of guidelines in the allocation.
“It is disappointing to hear that there as of this late time in the year, and considering that there are currently over 13,000 job order personnel in SUCs, there are still teaching and non-teaching items that DBM and CHED have to give to our SUCs,” said Tinio. “We remind DBM and CHED that the creation of new teaching and non-teaching positions in 2016 is borne out of a long struggle of SUC personnel to urge government to end its decades-long freeze hiring in SUCs. But we hear reports from our SUCs that they are still waiting for the new positions, and we hear from DBM that not all of these items have been allocated until now.”
“We strongly plead for the fast-tracking of the process for these positions to be given to SUCs which are in dire need of them. Every instructor and professor, every administrative, technical, or support staff are important to our SUCs. And each item will be life-changing to every person who will be regularized, as most of them spent the best part of their careers as job order or contract of service employees, without employer-employee relationship with the SUCs they serve.”
Tinio vowed that they will closely monitor the completion of the distribution of items to SUCs.
Lastly, he scored CHED’s use of 178 “projectized” staff in the regional offices to manage its scholarship programs, reiterating that this practice is illegal under the Administrative Code and other laws prohibiting the hiring of job order personnel to fulfill regular functions or programs of agencies. ###

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25 August 2016
Reference: ACT TEACHERS Party-List Rep. Antonio Tinio, 09209220817
Makabayan, the bloc of progressive party-lists in the Lower House has filed House Resolution 259 to start a probe into the reported killings and vigilante murders occurring amid the strengthened campaign against illegal drugs.
The resolution was filed by ACT Teachers Party-List Rep. Antonio Tinio and Rep. France L. Castro, Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Emmi A. de Jesus, BAYAN MUNA Party-List Rep. Carlos Isagani T. Zarate, Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Arlene D. Brosas, ANAKPAWIS Party-List Rep. Ariel Casilao and KABATAAN Party-List Rep. Sarah Jane L. Elago.
Entitled Resolution Urging the House of Representatives to Oppose the Use of Extrajudicial Killings by Law Enforcement Agencies Amid Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s Intensified Campaign to End the Illegal Drug Trade, and to Investigate, in Aid of Legislation, Mounting Complaints of Alleged Drug-Related Extrajudicial Killings and Vigilante Killings, HR 259 states that “complaints are mounting that an alarming number of extrajudicial killings and vigilante executions are taking place and not the official police line of “nanlaban kaya napatay.”
The resolution laments that “ringleaders of drug cartels, big-time drug lords, and their protectors in government have so far escaped the heightened anti-drug campaign, as only small-fry dealers and victim users have been targeted in these killing,” which cites a compilation by a major newspaper of 684 drug-related and vigilante executions (as of August 22).  Other reports estimate these killings to have reached around 1,800.
“There should be no compromise on the necessity to rid the country of crime and narcotics; an intensified campaign against illegal drugs is laudable and, in fact, long-overdue…This relentless campaign must, nonetheless, be waged with the highest regard for the protection of life and respect for human rights; its methods must be conducted in such ways that will spare casualties among innocents, and accord due process to suspects…Instituting safeguards are vital to prevent the anti-drug and anti-crime campaigns from being discredited as a result of due process and human rights violations.” ###

Full text of HR 259: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3_hmbcsQfo_TnB6cnlHZ2o4ZFk/view?usp=sharing