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[ 11 Aug 2012 | No Comment ]

ACT Teachers now accept relief to all flood victims, in cash or in kind please contact 4262238, 09174998608 or 09198198903 for details.Please bring gathered relief goods or donations to our office at Mines cor. Dipolog St., Barangay. VASRA,

Kasalukuyan pong nangangalap ng relief goods ang ACT-Philippines para sa mga kababayan at mga kapwa guro nating nasalanta ng tuloy-tuloy na pag ulan. Pakipalaganap po at Suportahan po natin ito! 

Malakas man ang Unos, hindi magagapi ang Alab ng ating Pagkakaisa bilang mga Pilipino! Para sa Guro at Bayan!


Once again we are appealing to you to please gather relief goods in the form of food items, clothing, beddings, bottled water, rice, canned goods, bath soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, medicine, household items and even school supplies, bags and uniforms for our countrymen who were affected by the recent destructive typhoon “Gener.”

As always, this is part of our commitment and service to our co-teachers, parents, students and to our countrymen, in general, as ACT members and as concerned educators and mentors.

Even cash donations are also welcome. All donations shall be properly accounted for just like what has been done in the past.

Please bring gathered relief goods or donations to our office at Mines cor. Dipolog St., Barangay. VASRA, Quezon City or contact our ACT office at 4539116, 4262238, 09174998608 or 09198198903 for coordination purposes. Look for Zeni Lao or Kris Navales.

Thank you very much and more power to you.


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[ 31 Jul 2012 | 4 Comments ]

Tell whole truth on PBB EO, solon dares Aquino

“PNOY’S BONUS BAN”—ACT Teachers Party-List Representative Antonio Tinio slammed Executive Order 80, by which President Aquino banned future grants of additional bonuses or increases in incentives already received by state workers.

Signed in 20 July, the EO lays down the guidelines for a PBB or performance-based bonus, paraded by Aquino talking heads as an “innovative” system to reward productivity in civil service.

The progressive solon, however, reveals that the EO’s Section 5 bars agencies from giving their employees allowances, incentives, and bonuses other than those under SSL III and from increasing the rates of existing bonuses.

EO 80 covers national government agencies and GOCCs.  Agencies with fiscal autonomy such as the Congress and Judiciary are “encouraged” to adopt EO 80 for their employees to be eligible for the PBB.

At present, salaries and bonuses of state workers, including teachers who comprise about two-thirds of the bureaucracy, cannot keep up with the daily cost of living.  Tinio said that the bonus ban spells further belt-tightening for around 1.2 million government employees reeling from unrestrained hikes in energy, water, oil rates and the prices of basic commodities.

Tinio dared Aquino to explain to state workers the whole of EO 80, particularly the bonus ban.  “PNoy’s PR machinery is so enthusiastic on showing off his PBB but is not so keen on showing his true colors,” he said.  “By mandating PBB or ‘PNoy’s Bonus Ban’, EO 80 lays bare PNoy’s anti-worker and anti-people character—instead of heeding just demands for adequate remuneration and tighter price controls, he outlaws any amount that might supplement the regular income of civil servants.”

Tinio noted that the administration’s scrimping on state workers is the reason why it has refused to act on bills for pay and bonus hikes, including that of teachers.  Tinio’s House Bill 2142, for the salary upgrade of DepEd and locally-funded teachers, and HB 5662, for the increase of the Personnel Economic Relief Allowance to P4,000, are lying dormant in the Committee on Appropriations since their referral.

Tinio vowed to file resolutions against the EO and move towards junking it within the coming budget deliberations. ###


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24 July 2012

Reference: ACT Teachers Party-List Representative Antonio Tinio (09209220817)

ACT Teachers Party-List Representative Antonio Tinio slammed the President for refusing to reveal in his SONA the true state of education under his K to 12 program.  Tinio maintained that Aquino in particular was mum on the inadequate salaries of workers in the education sector and the growing number of teachers working as highly exploited contractuals.

The progressive solon said that Aquino should have acknowledged the reality that teachers and non-teaching personnel are forced to cope with the increasingly rising cost of living using their meagre salaries.  Tinio then dared Aquino to prove his alleged commitment to education by ensuring the swift passage of House Bill 2142, or the Public School Teachers’ Salary Upgrading Act, and similar bills calling for pay hikes of teachers and other public employees.

Tinio also noted that the SONA was silent on the issue of teacher shortage, which stands at 132,483 based on his estimates.  He said that teachers will be closely monitoring the implementation of the proposal, revealed to the public through Budget Secretary Butch Abad, to give DepEd enough funds to hire 61,500 teachers by June 2013.

“This pledge is a result of our long-standing and broad campaign for government to address the teacher shortage, and this proposal is long overdue,” Tinio said.  “But we are greatly worried that a significant portion of the 61,500 will be contractuals, such as the 20,000 ‘volunteer’ Kinder teachers hired this year.  Secondly, his budgetary commitment still falls way below the sector’s needs.”

Tinio urged to double his investment for teachers, to enable DepEd to hire regular teachers enough for the 132,483-gap.

Tinio assured Aquino of more militant mass actions to come, especially during the budget season, opening today.  “To reiterate their demand for higher education budget, the people will still be massing up in Mendiola.  Ganito po kasimple, Ginoong Presidente: ang Salary Grade 15 o P24,887 kada buwan ay mas malaki sa Salary Grade 11 o P18,549 kada buwan.  Ang 6% ay mas malaki sa 2.74% proposed DepEd-CHED budget niya.

The international standard for optimum public spending for education is set at 6% of the Gross Domestic Product.  ###


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23 July 2012

Reference: ACT Teachers Party-List Rep. Antonio Tinio (09209220817)

President Aquino delivered one of the longest SONAs in recent memory, yet he said not a single word about the worsening human rights record of his administration and the impunity that he continues to prevail.  To date, there have been at least 99 victims of extrajudicial killings, including those of Father Pops Tenorio and Willem Geertman.  Similarly, Aquino made no mention whatsoever of the peace talks with the NDF.  This indicates that PNoy is intent on an all-out war policy against the “communist insurgency,” and will lead to even more human rights violations.

President Aquino expounded on the gains made by his administration in the delivery of education and health services.  What he did not mention is that these services are increasingly being provided by professional teachers and nurses working as highly exploited contractuals.  Under his presidency, the DepEd has deployed over 20,000 contractual teachers and 10,000 contractual nurses who are paid below minimum wage.  PNoy also failed to mention that all government employees will have no salary increase in 2013 despite the continuously rising cost of living. ###