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4 July 2012

Reference: ACT Teachers Party-List Representative Antonio L. Tinio (09209220817)

“ INACCESSIBLE IN REALITY”—While ACT Teachers Party-List Representative Antonio L. Tinio welcomed Chair Sixto Brillantes’s assurance of transparency of records, he remained concerned that the policy is not being implemented down to COMELEC offices.

The progressive lawmaker earlier urged COMELEC to give the public access to Petitions for Registration, Manifestations of Intent, and other documents filed by organizations wishing to participate in the 2013 party-list polls.  Brillantes replied that the records are already open to scrutiny.

Tinio noted that the poll chief’s statement is faithful to the transparency policy in Section 4, Rule 7 of COMELEC Resolution 9366.  “This policy was the very thing relied on by the public when they try to get copies of the important documents,” he revealed, “but they end up frustrated because records are, in reality, inaccessible.”

Tinio cited his group’s experience when it tried to secure documents on behalf of teachers’ organizations.  “We thought that after submitting a request letter, we would be able to photocopy the records.”

Days after the request, the office said that copies cannot be released because ACT Teachers Party-List is “not the concerned party” and that “the documents were already transferred to the ponente.”  The office also said that it will request the en banc or ponente for “permission to release the documents,” citing Minute Resolution 12-041.

His group found this suspicious.  All offices involved in the 2013 party-list polls, including that particular office, were furnished with original copies of the documents, so no transfer of records or permission is necessary.  Resolution 9366 also does not limit access to documents to “concerned parties,” or the petitioning party-list or any group or person who intervened during the hearings.

To check if an en banc permission is indeed required, ACT Teachers looked for Minute Resolution 12-041 on the COMELEC website.  As of press time, it is not yet posted.

In the end, Tinio hopes that Brillantes’s verbal vow of transparency would direct all COMELEC officials to let the public peer into the entire poll process. ###


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3 July 2012

Reference: ACT Teachers Party-List Representative Antonio L. Tinio (0920-9220817)

ACT Teachers Party-List Representative Antonio L. Tinio today urged Commission on Elections (COMELEC) to give the public freer access to records submitted by organizations wishing to participate in the 2013 party-list elections because as it is, their system is prone to corruption and abuse.

“The people can help COMELEC weed out bogus party-lists, but they have to be armed with information which, right now, is mostly in the hands of COMELEC. If these information are hidden from the public then bogus partylists can slip into Congress more easily,” Tinio said.

The poll body earlier vowed to rid the final list of organizations which do not legitimately represent marginalized sectors.  However, those who wish to aid in the purging are usually frustrated in the earliest stages, since they cannot even get from COMELEC copies of relevant records.

Tinio cited COMELEC’s irregular application of its rules on securing Petitions for Registration, Manifestations of Intent, and accompanying documents.  Resolution 9366 ensures the availability of these records to the public, subject to reasonable rules.

Tinio said that the public accepts as reasonable some restrictions like letters of request and nominal photocopying fees.  Lengthy processes and requirements unequally imposed are not.

“Genuine members of organizations who truly represent marginalized sectors are in the best position to tell which among those who filed their Petitions and Manifestations are fake,” Tinio said.  “They can, for example, confirm to COMELEC that this group’s track record proves that it has actually worked against their sector’s interest, or that person is not really a member of their sector or has never advocated for them.”

Tinio added that COMELEC is duty-bound to respect the people’s right to information.  He also stressed that the people should be able to exercise this right as soon as possible—before COMELEC’s own deliberations close.

Tinio also urged COMELEC to rethink the P10,000 fee for filing of petitions for disqualification of party-lists and nominees. ###

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Spokesperson: Mr. Benjie Valbuena, Vice-Chairperson;  Cellphone Nos.:09182399222; 09162294515;
Media Liaison – Zenie Lao, Cellphone No. 0919819890

President Aquino’s second year in office ends tomorrow and we, teachers, one of his so-called “masters” has not found a reason to celebrate his Presidency. His core program on education, K to 12 is anti-teacher and anti-people in essence. His “Social Contract with the Filipino People” which was embodied in our country’s 2012 national budget is a contract that prioritizes foreign debt, dole out programs, bloated intelligence funds, and dwindling allocations for social services.
“It is a budget that does not serve the fundamental needs of our people and instead makes use of ineffective measures like the Conditional Cash Transfers and public-private partnerships (PPPs),”Mr. Benjie Valbuena, Vice-chairperson of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) said.
PNoy promised the Filipino people among other things, to improve the quality of education for he considers education as a primary tool to address poverty. But his actions prove it otherwise.  He remained deaf and blind to the demands and calls of the education sector.
PNoy’s education program called K to 12, spelled further degradation of our public school system in particular. Government’s neglect of social services like education is reflected in the budget. Diminishing public funds for public education remains a major issue such that our educational system is in perennial crisis.
“Pnoy must prioritize education in a genuine way – in the current budget call and planning, address long standing deficiencies, shortages and call for a higher Salary Grade for teachers in particular. Job creation and poverty reduction will not happen if the same failed globalization policies of previous administrations are retained. There must instead be more democratic income, asset and wealth reform and greater assertions of economic sovereignty in the country’s international trade and investment relations,”” Mr. Valbuena ended.#####
SY 2011-2012
President Benigno Simeon Aquino III
Learning Area
Economics F
Prioritizes debt-servicing and anti-people policies such as those related to mining, land ownership and privatization of public services
Language F
Essentially promotes English as the primary language to be used in schools
Civics and Citizenship F
Has announced full-fledge support to his US Imperialist masters at the expense of the Filipino people
Mathematics F
Has not mastered basic mathematical skills in his decision to allocate a $1B loan to IMF vis-a-vis gross shortages in critical inputs for education such as teachers, classrooms, seats, textbooks, and sanitation facilities.
Has no genuine strategic science and technology development plan which is attuned to the needs of the  Filipino people and our economy
The Humanities – Geography
Sells our land to multi-national companies but cannot give-up his family’s and his cohorts’ big landholdings
The Humanities – History
He should be mindful of his promises to the Filipino people to include the prosecution of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA), the case of the Hacienda Luisita, pand victims of gross human rights violations before and during his term as President of this country.
Technology and Livelihood Education
Promotes voc-tech to fulfil demands of big  corporations but not for our internal needs as a key component of his despised
K  to12  program.
A Well above the standard expected
B Above the standard expected
C At the standard expected
D Below the standard expected
E Well below the standard expected
F Failed to meet the minimum standards expected
















Prepared by:
Mr. Benjamin Valbuena
Vice-Chairperson, ACT- Philippines
Mobile No.: 09182399222

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News Release
June 27, 2012
Reference: ACT Teachers party list Rep. Antonio Tinio

ACT Teachers party list Rep. Antonio Tinio today expressed his support for the opening of an elementary school at Pag-asa Island which is part of the disputed Spratlys territory in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).
“It is indeed a welcome development to hear that a schoolhouse has been set up in Kalayaan town in Pag-asa, this would be a tremendous help in advancing the education of the children in the disputed territory. The families of students also would not have to be separated so that their children can go to school.
Pag-asa lies 527 kilometers (285 nautical miles) west of Palawan. A boat trip to the island could take the entire day, depending on the sea condition.
Islanders walled in the town’s old multipurpose hall, dividing it into two rooms.  For school supplies, the mayor used books donated earlier this year. The Pag-asa mayor is requesting funding from the provincial government and the Department of Education to maintain the school and build more classrooms in the future.
“Aside from the basic curriculum, the values of patriotism and love of country should be inculcated to the students considering that their homes and school stand in a contested area,” said the progressive solon.
Tinio also vowed to send assistance for the Pag-asa school so that the teaching materials and the school supplies would be updated. The party list group is also studying if they can construct a larger and more permanent school building in the island. # # #