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[ 11 Nov 2015 | No Comment ]


Naglunsad ng lightning rally ang ACT at ACT-NCR Union laban sa barya-baryang dagdag-sahod sa mga guro at kawani sa SSL 2015.

I-click ang link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEKkV2rUNeo&feature=youtu.be




















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[ 10 Nov 2015 | 2 Comments ]
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10 November 2015

Reference:  ACT Teachers Rep. Antonio L. Tinio (09209220817)
Government employees occupying low- and middle-level positions are the biggest losers under the Aquino administration’s proposal for salary increases, while those occupying top posts already enjoying high pay, including the President, are the most favored.

A measly P2,205-increase in four years is given to a Teacher I under the Malacañang proposal embodied in House Bill 6268 for the “Salary Standardization Law of 2015” or SSL 2015. This increase amounts to a mere P24 in additional finances per day for the ordinary public school teacher.

From the current P18,549, the monthly salaries for entry-level teachers or Teacher I will be raised to P19,077 in 2016, P19,620 in 2017, P20,179 in 2018, and P20,754 in 2019.  After three years without a pay hike, this amounts to a mere 11.89% increase over the next four years for those who comprise over one third of the government bureaucracy.  This paltry hike will not even counter the decline in the real value of money caused by inflation, which was 3-4% in 2013-2015, probably much higher in 2016-2019.

Those under the sub-professional level will be granted so-called increases ranging from 22.98% (Salary Grade 1, the lowest-paid position in government) to 11.99% (Salary Grade 9) in four years.  The monthly pay of a Head Teacher II will increase by 22.68% (Salary Grade 15).

Public school teachers, nurses, and rank-and-file employees will receive the lowest share of increase under Aquino’s SSL 2015, ranging from 11% to 22% over the next four years. On the other hand, for executive-level positions, pay increases are 76.96% (Salary Grade 25) up to a whopping 233.12% (for Salary Grade 33, President of the Philippines).

It is true that there will be a mid-year bonus equivalent to a month’s salary and a Performance-Based Bonus equivalent to the salary for one up to two months.  Nevertheless, apart from our opposition to the general framework of PBB, it is clear that when it comes to basic pay, government employees in the lowest up to the middle-level positions are disadvantaged while those occupying higher positions are greatly favored under the proposed SSL 2015 of President Aquino.

This proves yet again that government will neve give decent pay to ordinary teachers and employees on a silver platter.  We have to fight for it.  Now is the time for us to act collectively and in even greater numbers.  We invite all teachers and government employees to participate in the National Day of Protest to be led by the Alliance of Concerned Teachers on November 11.  ###


How much will government employees

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[ 10 Nov 2015 | No Comment ]
Ma'am Buclatan (center) with her fellow Yolanda survivor, ACT Teachers Region VIII coordinator, Dr. Efleda Bautista (right) and Rep. Tinio (left)


10 November 2015

Reference:  ACT Teachers Rep. Antonio L. Tinio (09209220817)


Thousands of education personnel who survived Yolanda and the Bohol earthquake will have a bleak Christmas, warned ACT Teachers Party-List Antonio L. Tinio, who revealed that Aquino has yet to extend promised financial assistance to DepEd personnel in regions affected by supertyphoon Yolanda and the Bohol earthquake.

“The employees who rebuilt or repaired their homes after the disasters have to deal with yet another disaster, caused this time by the unconscionably long delay of the Office of the President (OP) in the release of the housing reimbursement aid from the President’s Social Fund,” said Tinio.  “Thousands of DepEd employees in the affected areas are deep in debt.”

Said financial aid was promised by the Presidential Management Staff (PMS) in January 2014 to employees in 27 DepEd divisions in Regions IV-A, IV-B, V, VI, VII, VIII, X, and XI as reimbursement for the repair and reconstruction of their houses.  The refund is either P100,000 and P30,000 for totally and partially damaged houses, respectively.  The PMS is directly under the (OP) and headed by Julia Abad, daughter of budget Secretary Florencio Abad.

Tinio said that because PMS released only the first tranche of the total funds for the aid, or P642.13 billion, beneficiaries received only a portion of the total aid, while many are still waiting for their reimbursements.  According to the affected Divisions, the PMS and OP have yet to give them certain information as to when the second tranche will be released or how much they can still expect.

Tinio estimates that about half of the total employees in the affected areas, or 15,000 public school teachers and non-teaching personnel, are still waiting for the assistance.

Around 2,000 of the teachers and non-teaching staff in the Division of Capiz City, or a mere third of its total workforce, have received the PSF aid.  About 4,000, including all those stationed in the division office and at least 1,500 teachers, are still waiting.

This unconscionably long delay in the processing and release of the assistance and the OP’s turtle-paced procedures and arbitrary guidelines are symptoms of the Aquino administration’s criminal indifference and negligence towards victims of natural disasters, said Tinio.

Tinio said that his office received numerous complaints aside from the long delay and partial or non-receipt of the assistance, such as arbitrary disqualification and exclusion from the list of beneficiaries for unknown reasons.

Employees also report that upon arbitrary inspection and validation procedures made by the PMS and the Office of Civil Defense (OCD), which vets the applications on behalf of the PMS, they were either downgraded from “totally damaged” to “partially damaged” or totally excluded because their houses are allegedly still habitable or were not damaged at all.  A common complaint is employees’ disqualification because these agencies strictly require documents of ownership of the damaged properties and residence in the areas from survivors who lost these to the disasters.

“Aquino merely adds to his criminal indifference and negligence towards victims of natural disasters, a fact already protested in the affected areas, even in the international scene, and compounds the victims’ suffering,” said Tinio.

He also urged OP and PMS to fast-track the processing of the assistance.  “These survivors have their finances drained because they had to repair their houses, some are even living in makeshift or uninhabitable houses which they cannot fully repair because they lack the funds.  Aquino should not let them spend Christmas and New Year in these dire conditions and release the assistance to the survivors as soon as possible.” ###

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[ 7 Nov 2015 | No Comment ]

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