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25 August 2016
Reference: ACT TEACHERS Party-List Rep. Antonio Tinio, 09209220817
Makabayan, the bloc of progressive party-lists in the Lower House has filed House Resolution 259 to start a probe into the reported killings and vigilante murders occurring amid the strengthened campaign against illegal drugs.
The resolution was filed by ACT Teachers Party-List Rep. Antonio Tinio and Rep. France L. Castro, Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Emmi A. de Jesus, BAYAN MUNA Party-List Rep. Carlos Isagani T. Zarate, Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Arlene D. Brosas, ANAKPAWIS Party-List Rep. Ariel Casilao and KABATAAN Party-List Rep. Sarah Jane L. Elago.
Entitled Resolution Urging the House of Representatives to Oppose the Use of Extrajudicial Killings by Law Enforcement Agencies Amid Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s Intensified Campaign to End the Illegal Drug Trade, and to Investigate, in Aid of Legislation, Mounting Complaints of Alleged Drug-Related Extrajudicial Killings and Vigilante Killings, HR 259 states that “complaints are mounting that an alarming number of extrajudicial killings and vigilante executions are taking place and not the official police line of “nanlaban kaya napatay.”
The resolution laments that “ringleaders of drug cartels, big-time drug lords, and their protectors in government have so far escaped the heightened anti-drug campaign, as only small-fry dealers and victim users have been targeted in these killing,” which cites a compilation by a major newspaper of 684 drug-related and vigilante executions (as of August 22).  Other reports estimate these killings to have reached around 1,800.
“There should be no compromise on the necessity to rid the country of crime and narcotics; an intensified campaign against illegal drugs is laudable and, in fact, long-overdue…This relentless campaign must, nonetheless, be waged with the highest regard for the protection of life and respect for human rights; its methods must be conducted in such ways that will spare casualties among innocents, and accord due process to suspects…Instituting safeguards are vital to prevent the anti-drug and anti-crime campaigns from being discredited as a result of due process and human rights violations.” ###

Full text of HR 259: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3_hmbcsQfo_TnB6cnlHZ2o4ZFk/view?usp=sharing

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23 August 2016
Reference: ACT Teachers Party-List Rep. Antonio L. Tinio (09209220817)

Additional pay hikes for state workers not “too ambitious” -solon

Government should grant salary increases in addition to the paltry hikes given under Executive Order 201, the four-year salary hike given by the Aquino administration, said ACT Teachers Rep. Antonio L. Tinio. The militant solon asserted this after the Department of Budget and Management Secretary Benjamin Diokno said to Congress, at the presentation of the proposed 2017 budget Monday, that giving salary increases higher than EO 201 is “todo ambisyon” and thus cannot be included in the proposed 2017 budget.
“While we welcome the inclusion of the second installment for salary increases in the 2017 budget, we maintain that government employees deserve much, much more than the paltry hikes under EO 201,” said Tinio. He reminded DBM that EO 201 is greatly criticized by state workers, especially low- and middle-level employees who will be granted increases of only 11% to 22% over four years.
“It is not ‘todo ambisyon’ to demand for pay hikes greater than EO 201’s P543-per month or P24-per day increase given to entry-level public school teachers. They, along with other education personnel, nurses, clerks, and others in the bureaucracy, only invoke their rights to adequate compensation, to be paid much more than loose change.”
Tinio added that civilian personnel, like the military and police, also need pay hikes. “It is not ‘todo ambisyon’ to ask for additional finances just like those given to military and uniformed personnel. Both sets of government employees serve the people to their utmost, have the same need to adequately provide for their families, and are affected by the same perpetually rising cost of living.”
He also scored the reasoning that salary hikes higher than EO 201 cannot be granted because income taxes will be lowered anyway. “It is not ‘todo ambisyon’ to ask for both substantial salary increases and lower income taxes, as both—not one without the other—answer to the people’s right to a decent standard of living.”
“We urge the Duterte administration and Congress to begin the process towards a salary scheme that will be more responsive to the dire needs of the ordinary Filipino,” ended Tinio. “We offer our proposal as embodied in House Bill 56 which seeks minimum monthly salaries of P16,000 for the lowest-ranked government employee, P25,000 for public school teachers, and P27,000 for college instructors, as well as an augmented Personnel Economic Relief Allowance of P5,000 per month.” ###

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25 July 2016

We laud the many pro-people policy pronouncements made by Pres. Duterte in his inaugural SONA, foremost of which is his unprecedented declaration of a unilateral ceasefire with the CPP-NPA and commitment to a just and lasting peace within his term.

Many of his pronouncements coincide with the demands that we in the progressive movement have been clamoring for over the years, such as the lowering of income tax, no demolition of informal settlers without relocation, review of mining permits, and emphasis on industrialization to generate jobs.

We are committed to supporting such initiatives in Congress to ensure that promised change under the Duterte administration will benefit the poor and marginalized. ###

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24 July 2016 

References: ACT Teachers Reps. Antonio L. Tinio (09209220817) and France Castro (09204166441)

SONA 2016 #TheChangeWeWant
Solons forward educators’ wishlist for SONA
ACT Teachers Party-List Reps. Antonio L. Tinio and France Castro call on President Rodrigo Duterte to tackle issues concerning the education sector including insufficient salaries, high taxation and the K-12 program.
“President Duterte has been vocal about increasing the salaries of members of the PNP and AFP.  But we hope that he will also keep in mind the long struggle of teachers for decent living salaries.  We urge him to reverse his predecessors’ example of giving mere concessions and piecemeal increases to teachers,” said the solons.
Teachers will march together with the other basic sectors to demand salary increase for teachers and all government employees. They are calling for the passage of House Bill 56, which Tinio and Castro filed to increase the minimum monthly salaries of public school teachers to P25,000 and non-teaching personnel to P16,000.
Teachers’ groups and unions are vigilant and expect the Duterte administration to stay true to its slogan “Change is Coming.”  Teachers along with low- and middle-income earners in the public and private sectors are heavily burdened by high taxes for so long.  To address this, the solons also filed HB 57 to lower income taxes, exempting those earning below P396,000 a year.  They also urge against increased VAT and additional taxes.
“We hope that President Duterte will voice out a plan to provide free and quality education and other social services,” Castro said.

Teachers and non-teaching personnel call on the President and his alter ego Education Secretary Leonor Briones to stop the implementation of the K to 12 program which puts upon additional burden on our teachers, students and their parents, noted Castro.

“This program only delivers profit to private schools through the voucher system. The haphazardly implemented curriculum removes Filipino and History subjects in high school.  The remaining subjects for our children are massage, nail and beauty care, housekeeping, and such others which aim to train them, as early as Grade 7, as semi-skilled and export-ready workers.”
For his part, Tinio condemns the retrenchment and displacement of faculty members of private colleges as the response of the school administrators to K-12.  Contractualization of instructors and lecturers are also now the norm.

Tinio said, “What we want to teach and what we want the youth to learn are the knowledge and skills that will answer the needs of our local economy and will contribute to the development of our nation”.

“Together, let us call for quality education directed towards national industrialization, which can provide decent wages and truly uplift the lives of Filipinos.”

On Monday, teachers and students with other sectors of society will forward to the Duterte administration the just demands of the people.

Tinio concluded that: “While we support the president in his progressive moves in busting corrupt officials and opening up the peace process, we believe it is time for him to address substantively the people’s and the educators’ agenda.” ###