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[ 25 Feb 2014 | No Comment ]


25 FEBRUARY 2014–ACT Teachers Rep. Antonio Tinio today presented to the House Committee on Suffrage and Electoral Reforms an unnumbered substitute bill for the Election Service Reform Act of 2014.  This is the product of the Technical Working Group he headed to consolidate several bills including our House Bill 444.  Members of the TWG included the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (through Secretary General Ms. France Castro) and the QC Public School Teachers Association (through President Dr. Priscilla Ampuan).

If enacted, the measure will lighten the burden of public school teachers who have long clamored for release from the often dangerous mandatory election service.

Salient provisions of the bill:

1.  Section 4.  Refusal from rendering election service on grounds such as health, age, or security concerns

2.  Section 5.  Honoraria of P6,000 for BEI Chair, P5,000 for BEI members, P4,000 for DepEd Supervisor, and P2,000 for support staff; travel allowance of P1,000; review of the amounts by COMELEC every 3 years

3.  Section 6.  Death benefis and medical assistance

4.  Section 7.  Legal assistance

5.  Section 8.  Indemnification

6.  Section 9.  Establishment and administration of a special trust fund for medical assistance, death benefits, legal assistance, and indemnification

The TWG will have another meeting to fine-tune a few provisions, after which the Committee will approve it to elevate it to the Lower House as a whole for approval on Second and Third Reading.

Click here to read the full text of the substitute bill for the Election Service Reform Act of 2014 (as of Feb. 24, 2014). ###

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[ 8 Oct 2013 | No Comment ]

“Hindi totoo ang sinasabi ng Malacanang na pang-distract lamang ng iilan mula sa PDAF ang isyu ng Disbursement Acceleration Program o isang porma ng presidential pork. Sa katunayan, lalong pinapatibay ng lumabas na anomalya ngukol sa DAP ang panawagan nating buwagin ang buong sistema ng pork barrel, congressional man o presidential…Pagkakataon ngayon ng Korte Suprema na makapag-ambag ng malaki sa usapin ng abolisyon ng congressional pork, ngunit lagpas sa PDAF ang isyu na tinatalakay ng Korte ngayon. Laban natin ngayon ang pagbuwag sa buong sistema ng pulitika ng pamamadrino o patronage politics.”

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29 August 2013

Reference: ACT TEACHERS Party-List Rep. Antonio Tinio (09209220817)

ACT TEACHERS Rep. Antonio Tinio on remarks of Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda against the Makabayan bloc: “Wala kaming pakialam sa sinasabi ng Makabayan bloc. Wala silang ginawa kundi i-criticize ang government…”

As a member of the Makabayan coalition of progressive partylist, I strongly condemn the arrogant and disparaging remarks uttered by Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda against the Makabayan bloc.

Lacierda’s statement reveals the utter disrespect of the Office of the President not just for the 7 legislators that make up Makabayan, but more importantly, for the millions of poor, marginalized, and underrepresented Filipinos who voted for us in the recent elections and who have been voting for us since progressives first participated in partylist elections in 2001. His sweeping dismissal of the views expressed by the Makabayan representatives reveals the contempt the Palace holds for the genuine interest of millions of workers, peasants, women, professionals, youth, and other marginalized sectors to whom we strive to give a voice in Congress.

I condemn his intolerance for dissenting views, which is totally unacceptable coming from the Spokesperson of thr President of a putatively democratic republic.

In behalf of the constituents of Makabayan, I demand an apology from Mr. Lacierda and expect to hear it personally from him during the upcoming budget hearings. ###

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[ 19 Mar 2013 | One Comment ]

19 March 2013
Reference: ACT TEACHERS Party-List Representative Antonio Tinio (09209220817)

Budget cuts on higher education killing hope of the nation –teachers’ solon
Take responsibility for lives destroyed by commercialization policy, Aquino, UP admin urged

Saying that the high costs even of public education drive many Filipino youth to lose hope, a progressive solon reiterated the education sector’s recurring call for government to substantially increase its subsidies to public schools in the basic and tertiary levels.

ACT TEACHERS Party-List Representative Antonio Tinio slammed the “helpless” and “guiltless” stance of the Aquino and UP administrations as regards the death of Kristel Tejada, freshman Behavioral Science student of UP Manila.

“Malacañang cannot wash its hands and say that they are ‘helpless’ against tuition fee increases because it has been the continuing policy of the Executive for decades to impose budget cuts on state universities and colleges in order to force them to adopt cost-recovery and income-generation measures, such as tuition fee hikes. Kristel’s death proves that this policy of commercializing education destroys lives, particularly those of the poor,” said Tinio. “Her death can be given some measure of sense if only the policies which drove her away from UP and studying which—according to her parents, she both loved—will be scrapped, not just revised.”

“Year in and year out, government plugs its ears to our calls for higher budget for the education sector,” said Tinio. “Instead, it gives mere scraps insufficient for our schools’ annually mounting needs and pushes them to increase tuition and other fees and be money-making machines at the expense of students and their parents.”

Budget cuts and inadequate subsidies force schools to augment the budget from the national government by generating their own income. Tinio also condemned insufficient state subsidy as the direct cause of anti-poor education policies like the long-reviled Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program (STFAP) and its offshoot, the forced leave of absence policy.

The STFAP and similar “socialized tuition schemes” have long been criticized as a mechanism for imposing tuition and other fee increases in government universities. ###