COMELEC reactivates erroneously deactivated registration records of BEIs

COMELEC issued yesterday, February 28, Resolution 9650 that reactivates the registration records of all public school teachers duly appointed as BEIs whose registration records were inadvertently deactivated for alleged failure to vote in the previous two elections.  Any public school teacher appointed as BEI can now cite this Resolution as proof that he or she is a registered voter for purposes of (1) voting on April 28, 29, or 30 as an early voter outside the place of her or his registration under Resolution 9637 (click also here and here for related posts) or (2) on May 13 in the place of her or his registration.

COMELEC deactivates registration of voters who failed to vote in the previous two consecutive elections.  In past elections, teachers assigned in precincts outside their places of registration were not able to take the time to vote due to heavy workload or voted in their precincts of assignment but such fact was not reflected in COMELEC’s records.  While this caused the deactivation of their registration records, they were still appointed for poll duties in national, local, and barangay elections.

  • amelia ragada

    mga ulianin na ba kayo? paiba iba ng resolution..nakakalito na…

  • got this status:


    however, i was able to vote during 2010. idk what’s up with Comelec, I’m not going back and waste a few more hours.