Dialogue with DepEd on the Status of the Assistance Fund to Victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda and the Bohol Earthquake

Rep. Castro and the Visayan leader-teachers had a dialogue with DepEd regarding the Presidential Management Staff (PMS) assistance fund:

– Dir. Ronilda Co of the Disaster Risk Reduction Management Service (DRRMS) explained the nature of the Presidential Social Fund (PSF) given by the PMS to the victims of the supertyphoon Yolanda and the 7.2 magnitude earthquake which hit provinces of Visayas. She presented the timeline of events regarding this assistance fund from January, 2014 onwards. Dir. Co reiterated that the whole amount of the assistance per teachers will not be released without full liquidation of all teacher-beneficiaries in all divisions belonging to the same batch.

– Rep. Castro probed into the problem of the delays since the PMS created the assistance fund in January, 2014. She asked about the reasons behind the delays of the liquidation in the division level. Dir. Co pointed out that the auditing by field COA is a factor in the delay. Co reported that in Bohol, Cebu and Tagbilaran, there are thousands of liquidation documents tabled in the local COA office. As per PMS issuance, they may accept the certification by the Division Accountant pursuant to COA Guidelines to hasten the audit process.



  1. USec. Muyot said that he will ask the PMS to take a “liberal interpretation” of their agreed policies for release. To make it equitable to all, those who have submitted complete documents in time of the deadline should be given the full amount of assistance, regardless if the others in the same batch were not able to comply.
  2. Dir. Co will call the attention of the SDS of those divisions who have not yet submitted their liquidation of the 1st tranche or have incomplete documents.
  3. The parties in the dialogue agreed that they will lobby for a 3rd batch of beneficiaries to cover those who were excluded but are qualified beneficiaries. All those not included upon the Dec 1, 2016 deadline set must be included. DepEd will ask PMS for the terms of evidence to be required for a 3rd batch.
  4. Usec Muyot asked Dir. Co to immediately contact Dir. Domingo Flores of the PMS to set a meeting with an Associate Secretary to negotiate with. DepEd, along with a representative of ACT Philippines will set a meeting with PMS on December 19.
  5. DepEd agreed to provide ACT coordinators in the field a list of teachers who have deficiencies in their liquidation requirements and what are their specific deficiencies. A one week deadline was set by DepEd for the compliance of divisions with deficiencies.1 2 3