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NEW TO ACT TEACHERS? Here are some pieces of information that you may want to know about our party-list!


What is ACT Teachers Party-list?

The ACT Teachers Party-List is a sectoral party that consists of teachers and educational staff.

Why was the ACT Teachers Party-list established?

The ACT Teachers Party-List was established to serve as the Real Voice of Teachers! (Tunay na Tinig ng Teachers!). It will truthfully stand for the interests and well-being of all public and private school teachers as well as all educational staff members in Congress.

The ACT Teachers Party-List was established on 2008, as spearheaded by the following prominent educators and educational staff:

• Dr. Bienvenido Lumbera (Prof. Emeritus, National Artist for Literature)

• ACT Chairman Antonio Tinio (UP Filipino department)

• Atty. Greg Fabros

• Dr. Francis Gealogo (Ateneo University)

• Dr. Ed Villegas (UP Manila)

What is the platform of ACT Teachers?

As the Real Voice of Teachers! (Tunay na Tinig ng Teachers!), the ACT Teachers Party-List supports and fights for three major points: first, the economic rights and welfare of teachers and educational staff; second, relevant reforms in the educational system; and third, good governance.

1. Fighting for the economic rights and welfare of teachers and educational staff:

The ACT Teachers Party-List fights for the interests and demands of teachers and educational staff towards raising their wages and benefits, and the betterment of their teaching and working conditions.

• Make into law HB4734 which has as goal to raise the salary of teachers to P9000 pesos.

• Remove the Claims and Loan Interdependency Program or CLIP of GSIS, among the other unjust practices of the said institution.

• Demand transparency in the governance of fund agencies such as the GSIS, SSS, PhilHealth, Housing, among others.

• Enforce the Magna Carta for Private and Public Sectors which pushes for the rights and betterment of teachers.

• Reserve sufficient amount of funds for the benefits of teachers and educational staff, and regularly fulfill its disbursement.

• Advance the right to form unions in the educational sector.

2. Relevant reforms in the educational system:

The ACT Teachers Party-List supports the development of quality but affordable education, especially for the poor, which strengthens the nationalistic aspirations of the people and the spirit of service.

• A higher educational budget – 6% of the GDP must be allocated for education to immediately fill the current shortages in operations, personnel, logistics, rooms, books, supplies, among others.

• Free and accessible elementary and high school education, and affordable college education.

• Push for the use of Filipino and the local languages, as well as the use of native pedagogy, in schools.

• Return Filipino values, history, literature and social sciences as subjects in basic education.

3. Good governance:

The ACT Teachers Party-List supports good governance, and puts the interests of the majority of Filipinos at the forefront versus that of the minority and the foreign.

• Fight anomaly and corruption in government.

• Prioritize social services such as education.

What are the immediate calls and demands?

  • Raise the budget for public schools, including state universities and colleges. Equal to 6% of the GDP
  • Make into law the P9000 increase in wages for teachers and staff!
  • Make into law the Magna Carta for Teachers in Private and Public Schools!
  • Rechannel the payments for unreasonable and unjust foreign debt to social services particularly education.
  • Fight for free public education from elementary to college!
  • Fight corruption and take to task corrupt politicians to protect public funds and redirect it towards basic social services!
  • Ensure sufficient facilities for all schools!

Who can become members of ACT Teachers?

The following individuals can become members of ACT Teachers:

  • Teachers from both the private and public sectors
  • Retired teachers
  • Students of education
  • Staff of the educational sector
  • Parents of students
  • Individuals who support the aspirations and goals of ACT Teachers Party-List

How can you join ACT Teachers Party-List?

All those who wish to join the ACT Teachers Party-List can get in touch with the nearest ACT chapter in the area. You can also write or call, if not go to, the national headquarters of ACT Party-List.

The basic unit of ACT Teachers Party-List is a chapter that’s made up of seven (7) members. A chapter of ACT Teachers Party-List can be established in schools and communities.

Each member is obliged to understand his or her rights and duties, and to join in the activities of the party.

What are the rights and duties of members of ACT Teachers Party-List?

Each individual member has the following rights:

• The right to representation and to participate in the meetings and decisions of the organization.

• The right to run and vote.

• The right to the organization’s documents.

Each individual member has the following duties:

• To follow the constitution and program of ACT Teachers Party-List.

• To join in the activities of the ACT Teachers Party-List.

• To pay the agreed membership fees.







  • Can tutors participate or not? I like the goal of this group because they are doing something about the common problem in minimum salary wage of teachers.