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Garcia should be the one prosecuted, not our congressman — ACT

3 May 2010 No Comment

July 21, 2010



Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) deplore the continuing harassment and intimidation of former Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) President and General Manager Winston Garcia against ACT National Chairperson and ACT TEACHERS Partylist Representative Antonio L. Tinio.


“It is obvious that Garcia wants to intimidate and continuously harass our chairperson because of our consistent criticism of the unjust policies introduced by Garcia since 2003. Garcia’s libel suits are made against Rep. Tinio in an attempt to divert the public from the real issues of the GSIS, and to escape accountability.” said ACT Secretary General Ms. France Castro.


Castro explained that “The unjust policies introduced by Garcia have burdened our public school teachers with unwarranted deductions, onerous interest charges and other penalties.” She also added that Rep. Tinio’s criticism on Garcia’s lack of transparency about the placement of GSIS funds on certain local and foreign investments also drew Garcia’s ire. “Garcia should be the one prosecuted and not our chairperson,” Castro said.


Today, July 21, 2010, will be the arraignment of Rep. Tinio on the four libel charges that Garcia filed against him last year at the Regional Trial Court of Pasay City. The arraignment has been postponed three times due to non-appearance of the complainant. A fifth libel suit against Rep. Tinio that has been previously dismissed by the court, has now been revived by Garcia and a warrant of arrest has been issued by the same court. The embattled representative will appear today at the Pasay RTC and will post bail for his fifth libel suit.


ACT said that, among the unreasonable and illegal policies which Mr. Garcia introduced since 2003 and continuously imposed by GSIS to its members are the Premium-Based Policy and the Claims and Loans Interdependency Program.  The militant teachers call on President Benigno Aquino III, and the new leadership of GSIS to immediately investigate the said unreasonable and illegal policies, and to make decisive actions by prosecuting Garcia.


“Rep. Tinio did no wrong. He only asserted, and continues to assert, the right of ordinary citizens to criticize the acts of a public official like Garcia. Rep. Tinio did all these on behalf of the interests of the public school teachers and personnel nationwide,” Castro added.


“It is very disgusting that, instead of addressing our grievances, Garcia filed libel suits against our chairperson and congressman.  But we will not be cowed into silence.  We will continue to fight for the rights and welfare of our constituents,” Castro concluded.###



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