Gov’t workers to get no more benefits under PNoy

Tell whole truth on PBB EO, solon dares Aquino

“PNOY’S BONUS BAN”—ACT Teachers Party-List Representative Antonio Tinio slammed Executive Order 80, by which President Aquino banned future grants of additional bonuses or increases in incentives already received by state workers.

Signed in 20 July, the EO lays down the guidelines for a PBB or performance-based bonus, paraded by Aquino talking heads as an “innovative” system to reward productivity in civil service.

The progressive solon, however, reveals that the EO’s Section 5 bars agencies from giving their employees allowances, incentives, and bonuses other than those under SSL III and from increasing the rates of existing bonuses.

EO 80 covers national government agencies and GOCCs.  Agencies with fiscal autonomy such as the Congress and Judiciary are “encouraged” to adopt EO 80 for their employees to be eligible for the PBB.

At present, salaries and bonuses of state workers, including teachers who comprise about two-thirds of the bureaucracy, cannot keep up with the daily cost of living.  Tinio said that the bonus ban spells further belt-tightening for around 1.2 million government employees reeling from unrestrained hikes in energy, water, oil rates and the prices of basic commodities.

Tinio dared Aquino to explain to state workers the whole of EO 80, particularly the bonus ban.  “PNoy’s PR machinery is so enthusiastic on showing off his PBB but is not so keen on showing his true colors,” he said.  “By mandating PBB or ‘PNoy’s Bonus Ban’, EO 80 lays bare PNoy’s anti-worker and anti-people character—instead of heeding just demands for adequate remuneration and tighter price controls, he outlaws any amount that might supplement the regular income of civil servants.”

Tinio noted that the administration’s scrimping on state workers is the reason why it has refused to act on bills for pay and bonus hikes, including that of teachers.  Tinio’s House Bill 2142, for the salary upgrade of DepEd and locally-funded teachers, and HB 5662, for the increase of the Personnel Economic Relief Allowance to P4,000, are lying dormant in the Committee on Appropriations since their referral.

Tinio vowed to file resolutions against the EO and move towards junking it within the coming budget deliberations. ###


  • where to go teachers?

  • He is very much like his mom , so anti teacher and so insensitive to the public servants plight. How can he boast of ” tuwid na daan ” if the teachers will starve and will choose the road less travelled by — by choosing to work as nannies or maids and become toilet bowl cleaners of the world in order to make both ends meet ! Kawawang mga guro ! Gising mga kaguro !

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    HINDI maiintindihan ng isang mayamang tao ang mga paghihirap ng walang pera.

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    gago ka noy noy. kaya hindi ko iboboto si BAM AQUINO and TINGTING sa SENADO. Di na dapat dumami pa ang lahi nyo sa national position ng gobyerno. You incompetent selfish bastard. GAGO!!!