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House Bills Filed by ACT Teachers Party-List and A Teachers Party-list (15th Congress)

20 January 2013 3 Comments


  • Dela Nava

    The matrix shows some truths not the exact truth> it presents incomplete information and is slanted towards ACT’s benefit. Teachers are supposed to be examples of honesty and guardians of truths, not half-truths. ACT is your acronym for Association of Concerned Teachers. It is misleading for you to put Teachers after ACT because it is redundant and also deceives your members into thinking you are also the same as another party list. Be truthful & honest, do not deceive your members with a play of words.

    • admin

      Sir Dela Nava,

      Hindi po acronym ang ACT sa ACT TEACHERS Partylist kundi ito po ay verb. Isang word lang po ito na ang ibig sabihin ay kumilos. makikita po ito sa aming registration sa comelec. Second wala pong may monopoly sa salitang TEACHERS gaya ng gusto nyo pong ipahiwatig, sa katunayan nag file po ng protesta sa COMELEC ang A Teachers sa amin kaugnay sa pag gamit ng salitang TEACHERS bilang pangalan ng partylist. Nag decide po ang comelec in favor sa ACT Teachers for a simple reason na wala pong may monopoly sa salitang TEACHERS gaya ng wala ring may monopoly sa salitang MANGAGAWA, MANGINGISDA, KABATAAN atbpa. Kapuna puna po na ang inyong ginamit na dahilan bakit hindi pwedeng gamitin ang salitang TEACHERS ay siya ring naging line of reasoning ng A TEACHERS sa kanilang kasong isinampa sa amin.

      April Valentin C. Montes
      General Secretary
      ACT Teachers Partylist

  • Dela Nava: If you did your research ACT stands for Alliance (not Association) of Concerned Teachers.

    With regards to the Partylist name, ACT there is the verb, not the acronym. We cannot use the ACT acronym for the partylist since we also have CONTEND and other organizations who formed the partylist.

    Do show us your research on why the information is incomplete as with regards to House Bills filed.