Increase salaries of teachers and other government workers, Duterte urged


ACT Teachers Representatives Antonio Tinio and France Castro urged the Duterte administration to increase the salaries of teachers and other government workers, as they joined the teachers’ mobilization at the Department of Budget and Management Friday.

“Today, we support the just and resounding call of teachers and non-teaching personnel, as well as the rest of those making up the bureaucracy, for salaries that can afford them decent lives,” Castro said. “We are bothered that, even after nearly a year, we do not see the same support from the Duterte administration.”

Castro noted that President Duterte’s Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022 is silent as to salary increases for government personnel, majority of whom are teachers and non-teaching staff.

“We call on President Duterte to issue an unequivocal support for this just demand,” said Tinio. “Since his budget chief Benjamin Diokno expressed an aversion to this demand, President Duterte himself should place as a top priority legislated salary increases greater than the one started by Aquino through his Executive Order 201.”

The solons last year scored Diokno for saying, during the 2017 budget deliberations, that salary increases for public school teachers is “too ambitious.”

“Merely continuing EO 201 is not enough as it gives loose change only for our teachers and other rank-and-file personnel while giving large increases for executives and high ranking officials. We reiterate our demand for P25,000 for Teacher 1 and P16,000 for our personnel,” Castro said. “Our teachers and personnel in the education sector are our front liners and do more than teach our children their school lessons. With today’s rising prices of basic goods and services, they need more than what we are giving them now.”

The demand for P16,000 monthly minimum salary is also the call of other government employees.

“We call on all teachers and government workers to unite and fight for their right for sufficient salaries and benefits in the coming State of the Nation Address of President Duterte. Let us also make them hear our demands in the coming 2018 budget proposal,” Tinio said. “As for President Duterte, we challenge him to prove to our teachers that his promises for salary increases will not stay as a campaign promise.” ###