Inday Varona: PDAF ‘dead’? Well, gov’t has raised the zombie

Inday Varona:

PDAF ‘dead’? Well, gov’t has raised the zombie

“Everybody screams about patronage politics in this country. Where do you think the money for that comes from?

“There are two very good reasons to get rid of pork:

  • Government, or its executive branch, is mandated to ensure the efficient and rational delivery of basis services to the people, by way of proposing and then implementing the budget;
  • We know that elected officials, especially legislators, channel pork to reward their supporters or lure in new ones.

“Through this miasma of discretionary power runs the infamous “weather-weather lang” character of Philippine governance. This rot is what makes decisions of both elected and voters a matter of tribal strength rather than of justice or efficiency.

“We scream against patronage politics and yet we shrug off the reality of millions of poor Filipinos having to throw themselves at the mercy of politicians to get what is their by right under the Constitution.”

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