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Interpellation of Rep. France Castro during the DepEd Budget Deliberations (Sept. 27, 2016)

29 September 2016 No Comment

I. DLL. Rep. Castro asked for updates on the teachers’ concerns regarding the Daily Lesson Log.

  •  DepEd’s Response: They are presently conducting a comprehensive study of the issue.

II. Admin and Clerical Tasks. Rep. Castro asked for the issuance of guidelines and memoranda to remove all administrative and clerical tasks assigned to teachers which are not teaching-related in order for our teachers to focus in in providing quality education.

  • DepEd’s Response: They had already created non-teaching items in certain divisions and districts to answer this concern of the teachers. These non-teaching items will form part of the support items that will be in charge of the programs and projects mentioned. This is to prevent giving additional load or to give additional tasks to our teachers. The guidelines will be issued after all items are created. Said items will form part of this proposed 2017 budget.

III. Lack of Substitute Teachers. Rep Castro reiterated her concern over the lack of employed substitute teachers . She asked for the utilization of the 2015-2016 budget for the allotted for the employment of substitute teachers.

  • DepEd’s Response: There are items in the budget for substitute teachers lodged under the Elementary School and High School budget. In fact, the 2015 budget has 2.1 billion allocation intended for the payment of the substitute teachers and in 2017, DepEd proposed 2.4 billion for the payment of the substitute teachers. In their record, there is 65% allocation that is being utilized for the substitute teacher in 2015 however 35% is not being utilized because it varies one region to another it reflects that some regions have different needs with another region.

Rep. Castro then asked for a copy of the utilization report for further investigation of the unutilized fund.
Rep. Castro called for the issuance of guidelines to ensure that substitute teachers are hired in place of teachers on their maternity leave.

IV. Agency Fee. Rep. Castro asked for updates regarding the issuance of the Memo on the Agency fee of the ACT-NCR Union.

  • DepEd’s response: They are finalizing the memo and will be releasing it on Friday, September 30, 2016.

V. Disallowance of ALS Teachers’ Allowances. Rep.Castro raised the issue of the inconsistency of the DepEd Memo Order No. 59 which provides for the honorarium and transportation allowance for the mobile teachers with the COA Memorandum.

  • DepEd’s response: Their Under Secretary for Legal Affairs said that they will meet the stakeholders concerned today, September 28, 2016 regarding this issue.

VI. Unpaid Salaries. Rep. France Castro raised the issue of the 131 newly-hired teachers in the Division of Pasig who had been deprived of their May 15-30, 2013 salaries.

  • DepEd’s response: DepEd central office has raised this issue to the prinicipla and the payment is now being processed.

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