• Alliance of Concerned Teachers-Philippines (ACT-Philippines)

ACT is the largest non-traditional teachers’ organization in the country which works for the economic and political well-being of teachers and all other education workers, as well as for genuine transformation.  Click here:

  • Department of Education

Official website of the Department of Education Philippines.

Click here:

  • IBON Foundation

IBON is a research-education-information development institution. Timely information, incisive analysis in popular style, effective education. IBON is popularly known for these things, especially when it comes to socio-economic issues. Click here:

  • Congress of the Philippines

Official website of the Philippine House of Representatives

Click here:


The ACT Teachers Party-List is a member of the MAKABAYAN bloc in the House of Representatives. Other MAKABAYAN party-lists include:

Our name is our message. It embodies our core ideal and ideals–people first, their interest and welfare above all.

Today, with over 100,000 members in 15 regions in the Philippines and Filipino communities abroad, Gabriela Women’s Party through grassroots organizing, education, services, various campaigns and legislative efforts continues to advance the rights of women, children and country.

Advancing the interests of the toiling masses is only one of the many legislative agenda of the ANAKPAWIS Party-List.

Kabataan Partylist is the first and only youth party-list group in Philippine Congress today.


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  • Felix Pocong Jr.

    Stop giving pork barrel to the politicians because they have no mandate for the formation of individual. It is the teacher’s mandate to form or mold the morality of the person. How can you expect a politician do its secondary priority over the first priority. The priority of the politician is to recover its costs of vote buying, borrowed money to win before its term ends. But then before the politician is able to repay its obligations, the upcoming election is fast approaching. How can you expect that the politicians really do sincere job for individual formation. The only persons mandated directly to do the job (person’s moral or personal formation) are the teachers. The health workers, social workers and the police are on the next level. The teachers are the only people who are on the first level and have the constitutional mandate to do formation of the people especially the youth. How can we do that if we ourselves are full of debts because our salary is not even enough to support one wife or husband then plus children of at least two? There is a very need to double the basic salary of teachers then they work hard like crazy in doing formation. In the US and Europe, teachers and professors are well paid hence most of them are not doing other jobs except those teachers involved in sexual acts with students. But generally, the teachers and professors of other countries are doing only teaching because their salaries can compensate the basic needs of their person and family members. How can we focus our job if we are always thinking where can we get money to pay the food and other needs of the family plus the big debts incurred from the last years. Increase the teachers and professors’ salaries by channeling the pork barrel to education and never give it again to politicians. They are one of the evils of society. The drug lords, drug pushers, the foreign persons who are engaged in retailing are mostly foreigners, they are the real evil of the modern society. Politicians, capitalists and greedy businessmen are using devil’s mind or techniques in pursuing their material desires while the devil is using them to conquer souls of society to have more individuals’ souls be brought to hell. If we are concerned of the welfare of the society in their basic survival, sustenance and most of all the salvation of their souls, then we should start now. Teachers are the one responsible for that not the politicians. Politicians only give because they expect to be voted again on the next elections. Again, double or triple the salaries of the teachers and professors and they work like crazy for the formation of the youth. If you give money to the politicians they only buy more cars, houses and generate more crimes like drug lords and pushers. Enough to all these evil ideas, I am not religious because I am against those religious leaders who play holy but monsters within. Stop, stop stop giving pork barrel to politicians, only give it to the mandated individuals for the formation of the youth who are the teachers.