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No coherent vision of development in PNoy’s SONA

25 July 2011 One Comment

Office of Representative Antonio L. Tinio

ACT Teachers Party-List

House of Representatives



July 25, 2011


References: ACT Teachers Party-List Rep. Antonio L. Tinio (0920-922-0817)

Julie Anne D. Tapit, Media Officer (0915-762-6522)


Reaction of Rep. Antonio Tinio to the President’s State of the Nation Address:

First of all, President Aquino’s SONA was notable for what it left out. Not a single word on Hacienda Luisita and land reform, the most critical issue facing the poor. There was hardly a mention of human rights issues, which is unacceptable given that extrajudicial killings, illegal arrests, and torture continue to be perpetrated with impunity by the AFP and PNP under this government’s watch. Neither did PNoy say anything about addressing the high cost of living, the main concern of the majority of the population.

It should be noted as well that PNoy failed to endorse two key pieces of legislation that he pledged to support during his presidential campaign—the Reproductive Health bill and the Freedom of Information bill. As someone put it, he “chickened out” on these vital concerns at the crucial moment.

PNoy claimed the Philippines’ upgraded credit rating as a major achievement of his administration. But what did it take to get that upgrade? Nothing less than continued gross underspending on social services and high regressive taxation. PNoy drew cheers for asserting the Spratlys claim. But sovereignty over the Spratlys and its oil and natural gas reserves will be meaningless if his government hands over the exploitation of these resources to the big oil corporations like Shell. PNoy touted his housing program for the uniformed services (the soldiers, police, firefighters, and prison guards). But what about housing for other government employees, including teachers? What about social housing for the poor?

Despite the Malacañang press office’s hype that this year’s SONA would be about the President’s vision for the country, where’s the vision? Absent from PNoy’s SONA is an articulation of his administration’s development plan—how agriculture and industry will be developed, how and what kind of jobs will be generated, how incomes will be raised, how delivery of social services will be improved, etc. Where’s the plan for modernizing agriculture (where genuine land reform is key) and the development of domestic industries? PNoy’s SONA was a patchwork of band-aid solutions, ranging from the Conditional Cash Transfer Program to the DOST’s anti-dengue mosquito trap, held together not by a coherent vision of development but by mere rhetoric—the overworked wang-wang metaphor. #

ACT Teachers Party-List Representative Antonio L. Tinio (center) together with the other progressive party-lists representatives during the People's SONA held along Commonwealth Avenue, July 25.

  • Ltransporter

    Actually PNoy can develop the Philippines slowly and not by rushing. He can solve the problems of the poor one by one. Housing and education must come first. In slum areas, there is a high risk in health so it means they have a high death rate. With these they also have high birth rate. I’m not saying that poor people are dumb but they don’t really realize the factors to consider when having a child. RH is not the solution, it is education! Take a look at the rich, most don’t have much children. One thing is poor should be busy working. Also they need food. Well about the Spratlys island, it’s ok to increase the defense of the Phil. but it’s better if PNoy talk to the countries involved than by provoking somehow a “war”. China is better than us even if we buy those ships. I’m sure with a peaceful talk, it will be solved. Im just a kid and I don’t really know what is really happening but this is what I feel.