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November 29, 2010



Tomorrow will be working people’s day and the 147th birthday of one of our revolutionary heroes, Gat. Andres Bonifacio.  We teachers from public and private schools, link arms with the rest of the Filipino workers in demanding for our democratic rights and welfare.


Not exempted from the current plight of the workers in our country, teachers also suffer from low salaries, delayed salary payments, unjust policies and repression.


At present, public educators start at Salary Grade 11, receiving only P15,649. Most of the teachers paid under their local government units also suffer from delays of salary payments. We received reports that some teachers suffer from one  month to three-months delay of their salaries.


For almost a decade, teachers and government employees bear the burden and have suffered from the unjust policies imposed by politically-influential former GSIS President and General Manager Winston Garcia.


The GSIS deprived teachers of benefits to which they are entitled. They are burdened with huge illegal deductions, of being charged with unexplained premiums in arrears, of not receiving annual dividends; of being denied survivorship benefits; of the failure by the GSIS to deduct loan payments resulting in huge interests on loans; and the huge deductions on the retirement benefits suffered by retired teachers and employees.


Despite the removal of Garcia from the GSIS, these problems still persist, and are not yet being addressed to by the present administration. The teachers have thrice sought a dialogue with President Aquino, and even trooped to Malacañang to air our concerns. But P-Noy ignored our efforts and instead ordered GSIS and DepEd officials to receive our complaints.


And when teachers link arms and unite to demand their rights, we are tagged as communists and NPA supporters.  The state includes in its enemies our organizations, the Alliance of Concerned Teachers and the ACT Teachers Partylist.  This is repression which intends to breed silence and fear among us.


What is the value that we teach our students, our children? That we have to do what is right and that we do not tolerate what is unjust.


For today and until due compensation have been given to all the workers and  teachers,  we will unite and militantly assert our rights and legitimate demands.


We will push for the Salary Upgrading Bill filed by ACT Teachers Partylist. The Salary Upgrading Bill or the House Bill 2142 will increase a public school teacher’s pay from Salary Grade 11 to Salary Grade 15.  Just compensation among teachers will also mitigate our diaspora to other countries because of financial limitations.


We also demand for the accountability of the previous administration and GSIS former president Winston Garcia.  We demand for the scrapping of the GSIS unjust policies and we demand that a genuine teacher-representative be included from among the board of the said government institution.


Our fight is for the right and the just. And we will never be cowered by repression.  Public school teachers have long been the epitome of underpaid and overworked heroes, to whom we entrust the future of our children and our nation.  It is but appropriate to ensure that the teachers’ voices, along with the workers’, be heard and for our rights and welfare to be protected. #


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