Party- list Solon Distributes Filipino Dictionary to Schools and Public Libraries


April 2, 2012

Reference: ACT Teachers Party-List Rep. Antonio L. Tinio (0920-922-0817)

Party- list Solon Distributes Filipino Dictionary to Schools and
Public Libraries

Rep. Antonio L. Tinio joins the Kagawaran ng Wikang Filipino (KWF)
today in the annual celebration of Francisco “Balagtas,” Blatazar’s
day that honors the country’s premiere poet. The program, held at the
Cherry Blossoms Hotel, Ermita Manila, centered on the Filipino
language and its vital role in the enrichment of the Filipino culture.
Writers, journalists, teachers, cultural activists and legislators
took part in the said event.

With the theme, “Si Balagtas sa Edukasyong Pangwika at Pangkalikasan,”
the event forwarded the sentiments of Filipino language advocates:
sustain the use of Filipino languages as a medium of official
communication and as language of instruction in the educational
system, utilize these languages to address national issues. The theme
also places stress on the potency of Filipino languages to call for
the preservation and protection of our environment.

As a measure to promote the Filipino language, Act Teachers PL
responded to the appeal of the commission for financial assistance in
fulfilling the mission of KWF to strengthen and disseminate Filipino
languages. Rep. Tinio saw the need to address the lack of educational
materials in public schools, particularly the utter lack of a
high-quality dictionary of the Filipino language for use by the
country’s students and teachers. Through the partylist’s Priority
Development Assistance Fund, he sought to provide support to the KWF
to publish and distribute the Diksiyunaryo ng Wikang Filipino.   He
allocated 5,000 copies of the Diksyunaryong Sentinyal ng Wikang
Filipino that are currently being distributed to schools nationwide.
Last week, Rep. Tinio and the KWF turned-over copies of Diksyunaryong
Sentinyal ng Wikang Filipino to the National Library for distribution
to all the public libraries throughout the country.

“Our partnership with the Kagawaran ng Wikang Filipino (KWF) has
proved to become fruitful. As we distribute the dictionaries
throughout the country, teachers and principals recognize the great
need for students to learn and appreciate the Filipino language. Part
of ACT Teachers program is to support the development of quality but
affordable education. There are bills currently being lobbied for the
strengthening of a nationalist education,” Rep. Tinio said.

Act Teachers Party-list continue to create and support house bills
that promote nationalistic education through the use of Filipino and
the local languages, as well as the use of native pedagogy, in
schools. “Subjects taught in the vernacular, makes it easier to be
taught and understood. It also fosters a nationalistic attitude among
the youth,” Rep. Tinio added.

Rep. Tinio challenged the people to be of service to the country by
honing its rich and potent culture through Filipino languages. “It is
through our national languages that we can give voice to our concerns
on pertinent social issues,” Rep. Tinio concluded.

The highlights of the program included the awarding of Gawad Francisco
Balagtas to Jose Maria “Pete” Lacaba for his contributions to Filipino
literature, especially to Filipino poetry. The annual Talang Ginto
Awards was also held to recognize and encourage the talent of young
Filipino writers and poets using Filipino languages as their tools. #

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