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PNoy will lead us on the path to greater poverty and underdevelopment

3 May 2010 No Comment

July 26, 2010



ACT Teachers Party-List Representative Antonio Tinio expressed dismay at pronouncements on economic policy made by President Benigno Cojuangco Aquino III in his State of the Nation Address this afternoon.


“In his SONA, President Aquino packaged himself as a ‘privatization president,’ presenting ‘Public-Private Partnerships’ as the cure-all for the country’s problems, such as infrastructure, delivery of social services, even national defense.


“First of all, where’s the change promised by this new presidency? From the time of Ramos, we’ve had almost two decades of massive privatization in various guises, such as build-operate-transfer schemes, outright sale of government corporations to the private sector, long-term leases of government assets, commercialization of social services, and the like. So-called ‘PPPs’ (public-private partnerships) are nothing new,” said Tinio.


“Privatization of power-generation has led to electricity rates that are among the highest in Asia. Privatization of water has resulted in higher prices and chronic water shortages. Privatization of tollways has led to astronomical increases in user fees. Privatization of education has likewise resulted in higher tuition and other fees. Based on our concrete experiences, privatization enables the big foreign and local corporations to make huge profits at the expense of ordinary taxpayers and consumers,” added Tinio.


Tinio pointed out that the catastrophic flooding of Central Luzon caused by the untimely release of floodwaters from the San Roque Dam during last year’s typhoon Pepeng highlights the dangers of public-private partnerships. “Profit was the main consideration for NAPOCOR and the Japanese firm that runs the San Roque Dam when they opened the floodgates, not the lives and livelihood of millions of people along the path of the Agno River.”


“More privatization is not the solution. Based on his SONA, Pres. Aquino is determined to lead us on the path to more poverty and underdevelopment,” said Tinio.


The ACT Teachers Representative also noted that Aquino was conspicuously silent on the issue of land reform as well as the human rights violations of the previous administration. He also noted that the President failed to address the demands of workers, such as the need to raise wages and salaries and the outcry of public sector employees against the Government Service Insurance System.


Tinio welcomed the revelations made by Pres. Aquino regarding the misuse of public funds by the previous administration, but noted that he fell short of calling for the prosecution of those involved. “His revelations are only useful if coupled with the political will to prosecute and punish the former President Arroyo and her cohorts. How come his exposés aren’t matched by the corresponding charges of plunder against those responsible?” #



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