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PRESS RELEASE: Include salary increases for state workers in 2016 budget -solon to Palace

24 February 2015 One Comment
24 February 2016
Reference: ACT Teachers Rep. Antonio L. Tinio (09209220817)
Include salary increases for state workers in 2016 budget -solon to Palace
ACT Teachers Party-List Rep. Antonio L. Tinio urged the Aquino administration to include salary increases for 1.6 million government employees in the proposed 2016 budget it is now preparing.
Tinio made the call in light of the nationwide sit-down strike launched on Tuesday by the Alliance of Concerned Teachers to demand the urgently needed but long-delayed salary increases for state workers, including more than 700,000 working in the education sector.  It is also in time with the budget call that DBM recently signed for state agencies to start drafting their budget proposals for 2016.
Tinio also reminded Aquino that he is mandated by the Salary Standardization Law 3 (SSL 3), after its full implementation in 2012, to earmark a certain portion of the national budget for automatic annual salary increases.
“Government employees will not entertain any more excuses from Malacañang,” said Tinio.  “The ‘financial constraints’ it keeps alleging has long been discredited by the billions of pork it makes available for political patronage.  Meanwhile, it has delayed for nearly three years the review of SSL 3, which it says is a condition for pay increases.”
Tinio warned that today’s sit down strike will lead to a mass leave by teachers if the proposed 2016 budget Aquino will present to Congress in August does not include provisions for pay hikes.
Finally, Tinio slammed the Palace statement warning teachers not to let the sit-down strike affect their duties and students’ learning.
“What causes the greatest damage to our children’s education are the depressed and stagnated salaries of education workers and their overworked yet underpaid conditions.” ###

  • JuanPatricio

    From what I heard. Hindi daw po isasali non teaching. Sana naman hindi. Sana lahatin na nila. Pati ibang agency. Nararapat lang na taasan na ang sweldo ng mga guro dahil nakikita ko hirap nila sa pang araw araw. Tapos ang makikita ko sa payroll ay kakarampot na sweldo.