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PRESS RELEASE: Joint military drills with Japan unconstitutional; Brands Aquino a “Japanese collaborator”

24 June 2015 2 Comments


24 June 2015

Reference: ACT Teachers Rep. Antonio Tinio (09279220817)


Joint military drills with Japan unconstitutional, says solon
Brands Aquino a “Japanese collaborator”

A legislator is calling for an immediate halt to the ongoing joint military exercises between the Philippines and Japan, saying it is unconstitutional and violates Philippine sovereignty.

“President Aquino is committing a gross and blatant violation of the constitutional prohibition on foreign troops in allowing the joint exercise with Japanese military forces,” said ACT Teachers Rep. Antonio Tinio. “This includes the surveillance flight of a Japanese P-3 Orion reconnaissance plane over the disputed Recto Bank in the West Philippine Sea, which took off from an airfield in Palawan.”

Tinio pointed out that the Constitution prohibits the presence of foreign military forces in Philippine territory unless authorized by a treaty ratified by the Senate. “The Philippines has no existing treaty with Japan allowing the presence of their troops in our country, much less the holding of joint military exercises and  conducting Japanese reconnaissance missions from Philippine installations.”

Tinio noted that existing agreements with Japan, such as the Memorandum on Defense Cooperation and Exchanges signed by the Secretary of National Defense Voltaire Gazmin and his Japanese counterpart last January, or the declaration for a strengthened strategic partnership recently signed by Pres. Aquino and Japanese Prime Minister Abe, do not fulfill the constitutional requirement for a Senate ratified treaty and cannot therefore be cited as legal basis for Japanese military activities in the Philippines. “By all means, our territory must be defended against Chinese encroachment in the West Philippine Sea. But this must be done without surrendering national sovereignty and within the bounds of the Constitution. Pres. Aquino is knowingly and deliberately violating the Constitution and our nation’s sovereignty in pursuing expanded Japanese military presence within our territory.”

The legislator denounced Pres. Aquino’s  policy of pursuing closer military ties with Japan as a response to China’s expansionist moves in the South China Sea, including his declared intent of opening Philippine installations for use by the Japanese military.  “Pursuing an alliance is one thing, but transforming the Philippines into a base of operations for Japanese military forces would be a humiliating act of subservience. For a country formerly occupied by Japan to host Japanese military forces on its soil would be unprecedented in post-World War 2 history, and Pres. Aquino will have the ignominy of making it happen.”

“Pres. Aquino is in effect acting as the ideal collaborator with the right-wing elements in the Japanese government, who have long been pushing for a revival of Japanese militarism in the Asia-Pacific. These Japanese militarists are led by Prime Minister Abe himself, who has controversially proposed the amendment of Japan’s pacifist constitution to allow for an expanded role for the Japanese military outside of Japan’s borders. Not surprisingly, Pres. Aquino endorsed the proposal during his state visit to Japan earlier this month. Aquino’s actions and inflammatory rhetoric, including his grossly inappropriate comparison of China to Nazi Germany, are in the service of promoting and justifying greater Japanese military presence in the region.”

Tinio noted that Aquino’s endorsement of Japanese militarism is particularly reprehensible, given the brutal Japanese occupation of the Philippines during World War 2 and the Japanese government’s continuing refusal to apologize for and make reparations to Filipino comfort women.

Tinio noted that collaboration with Japanese imperialism runs in the Aquino family. “Benigno Aquino, Senior, the President’s grandfather and namesake, was the leader of the KALIBAPI (Kapisanan ng Paglilingkod sa Bagong Pilipinas), the ruling – and only – political party during the Japanese occupation and served as Speaker of the National Assembly of the Japanese puppet government. Truly, the apple does not fall far from the tree,” said Tinio.

“A policy of self-reliance and neutrality is the only way for the Philippines to achieve a peaceful resolution to the South China Sea crisis. The Aquino administration’s policy of relying on the US and Japan will only lead to further subservience, dependency, and an intensification of tensions in the region,” said Tinio.

Tinio will file a resolution calling for a House investigation into Japanese military activities in the Philippines. #

  • gryzyxwoz

    You people don’t know what the heck you’re talking about. Before you brand anyone as being a collaborator, you’d better take a look at yourselves and see whose interests you are serving by denouncing these military drills.

  • Puting Ina

    Seriously, are you going to sacrifice the safety of the entire nation over your false sense of nationalistic pride?