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PRESS RELEASE: On the Supreme Court decision declaring DAP unconstitutional

3 July 2014 No Comment


1 July 2014

Reference: ACT Teachers Rep. Antonio Tinio (09209220817)

The Supreme Court decision has practically affirmed that President Aquino is indeed the Pork Barrel King. Through the DAP, President Aquino transformed the national budget into one big Presidential pork barrel, seizing control of large portions of appropriations and diverting funds for purposes other than those authorized by Congress, in order to dispense political patronage. The Constitution and existing laws have been violated, and for this the President and his Budget Secretary must be held accountable.

For sure, President Aquino will be facing an impeachment complaint when Congress reopens at the end of the month, which will certainly cast a dark cloud over his upcoming State of the Nation Address.

Sec. Abad should immediately resign as the chief architect and promoter of the DAP and face criminal prosecution. ###

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