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PRESS STATEMENT: Unbundled PDAF is still pork

11 September 2013 No Comment


September 11, 2013

Reference: ACT TEACHERS Rep. Antonio Tinio (09209220817)

ACT TEACHERS Rep. Antonio Tinio on why he voted “no” to the House Committee on Appropriations proposal for the realignment of PDAF

My “no” vote was consistent with my position for the abolition of the pork barrel system. The proposal put forward and approved by the Committee on Appropriations does not go far enough. The PDAF lumpsum of P25.2 billion will be unbundled and tucked into the regular budgets of a number of agencies while retaining many of the key features of pork barrel, such as the earmarking of specific amounts, exercise of individual discretion by legislators (particularly for local infrastructure projects), and right to recommend beneficiaries. Unbundled PDAF is still pork. Surely, the public will rightly see this as pork barrel in another form. ###

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