Progressive solons assail Tupas, question motives for dropping Sereno

Three progressive lawmakers today assailed impeachment lead prosecutor Rep. Niel  Tupas for unilaterally dropping Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno as a vital witness in Article 7 and demanded that the prosecution continue to exert efforts to pave the way her appearance in Court to prove the partiality of Chief Justice Renato Corona to former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

“We are not only disappointed, we are aghast. This is a treachery of previous unities in the prosecution to rest the case and, together with the dollar accounts in Article 2, make a reservation for Sereno’s testimony on Article 7,” said Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casino, Gabriela Rep. Emmi de Jesus and Act Teachers Rep. Antonio Tinio.

“We wonder who ordered Tupas to close the door for Sereno’s testimony. This is alarming and appears part of a series of acts to downplay Corona’s connection to GMA. When we filed the impeachment complaint, it was clear that Corona was being made to account for his partiality and subservience to Arroyo. And now that aspect of the case is being weakened by the lead prosecutor himself,” they said.

Last Tuesday, Tupas did not make reservation for Sereno when he manifested to rest the case despite a previous agreement to do so. And then yesterday, Wednesday, Tupas initiated but subsequently dropped the motion for a reservation on Article 7.

“May we remind our colleagues in the prosecution team that this case got broad support from our people because Corona acted as GMA’s lackey. If that is not strongly established through the testimonies of Sereno and others, then the public might lose interest in pursuing the case,” they said.

“No amount of incompetence can explain Tupas’ move. Is he getting orders from his higher ups to just focus on the articles that do not include GMA?” they asked.

We asked if the dropping of Sereno as vital witness to Corona’s partiality to Arroyo is related to the dropping of government’s motion to put Arroyo in ordinary jail and the latest dismissal of plunder charges against Arroyo?” they ended.