Solon Calls for Promotion of Philippine Games and Allocation of Budget for Athletes


May 7, 2012

Reference: ACT Teachers Party-List Rep. Antonio L. Tinio (0920-922-0817)

ACT Teachers Party-List Representative Antonio L. Tinio participated
in the opening ceremonies of the Palarong Pambansa in Lingayen,
Pangasinan today to join student athletes, coaches and teachers from
various private and public schools across the country. With this
year’s theme, “Clean, Green and Hi-tech,” Rep. Tinio called on the
Department of Education to create programs that would promote sports
among the youth amidst other activities that are currently popular
among them such as social media and internet gaming. He urged the
DepEd and other funding agencies to allot a decent budget for our
student athletes to be spent for trainings, facilities, uniforms and
stipends for students to be inspired and encouraged.

Engaging in sports will foster the development of Filipino virtues
such as camaraderie and collective effort among the youth. In this age
of technology where the youth is currently engrossed in social media
and high-tech gadgets, it is but right to promote and preserve the
Filipino youth’s innate talent in sports.

“What we must strive for is a genuine and long term sports
development. We should veer away from relying on imported talent,
national teams whose members basically grew up and trained abroad
especially in the field of football and basketball. We must tap the
huge potential and talents of the Filipino youth in the public school
system through the Palarong Pamabansa. However, none of these can be
done with a measly budget,” Rep. Tinio said.

Rep. Tinio called on the Department of Education to allot funds for
the development and the improvement of sports training among the
youth. “We have heard of success stories—of student athletes who won
in competitions with only a meagre budget. While it is good that the
DepEd has allotted P8.5 Million for special sports program, it must be
ensured that the funds be distributed to student athletes even from
far flung areas of the country. Funds must also be used not only to
subsidize training but also to promote interest in sports among the
youth,” Rep. Tinio said. The funding for student athletes have a
limited scope as a few schools were only selected as recipients. #