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Solon calls for scrapping of Mutual Defense Treaty in light of Spratlys dispute

12 June 2011 One Comment


June 12, 2011


Reaction of Rep. Antonio Tinio to statement of United States Embassy press attaché Rebecca Thompson’s statement that “the US does not take sides in regional territorial disputes” —

“It’s deeply humiliating for Palace officials and Senators to repeatedly state in public that, if push comes to shove, the Philippine government expects the United States military to come to its aid in asserting our Spratlys claim versus China. Now a US Embassy spokesperson has shattered their long-held and deeply cherished illusions by flatly stating that the US will not involve itself in territorial disputes in the “South China Sea.” This statement makes it clear, once again, that there’s nothing “mutual” in the so-called Mutual Defense Treaty–the US will act in accordance with its own interests regardless of any delusions our ruling elite may have regarding “special friendship.”

“In this light, we call for the abrogation of the Mutual Defense Treaty and the pull-out of all US forces in the country as the first, crucial steps in developing a truly independent foreign policy anchored on a self-reliant national defense capability.”#



  • ryanmd

    China is a bully country! All its new found wealth have made that country greedy! Once China gains foothold in the Spratlys they will never reliquinsh it back to us like what happened to Tibet! Militant groups have always been anti-US! How come I don’t see any anti-China protests when they are already trying to take our lands! At least the US when asked to leave their military bases in the 90’s, they left! China will never do that! See the bigger picture! China is NOW our modern day threat!