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Solon dismayed: No substantial salary increase for government employees in 2018 budget

1 August 2017 No Comment


01 August 2017


Solon dismayed: No substantial salary increase for government employees in 2018 budget

The Duterte administration did not propose funds for substantial salary increases of government employees in the first full-year budget it prepared, revealed ACT Teachers Representative France Castro.

“Aside from the meager increases to be given under the third tranche of Executive Order 201 or the Salary Standardization Law 4, the Duterte administration will not be giving any substantial salary increases for government employees,” said Castro.  “This is disheartening for the 1.6 million employees in the civil service, especially the rank-and-file.”

The EO 201 or SSL 4, enacted during the Aquino administration, is now in its second tranche of implementation, with P19,620 monthly for entry-level public school teachers and P9,981 for the lowest-paid government employee.  The 2018 budget proposal will implement the third tranche, which will hike the salaries of teachers and to P20,179 and P10,510, respectively, or by a mere 2.8%.

The teacher-solon said that teachers and other government employees have long been demanding for salary increases higher than that provided by EO 201.  Teachers, for instance, are being given an average of an additional P551.25, or around P21 per day, under SSL 4.

“The whole bureaucracy expected a salary increase based on the promise that change is coming. Teachers were assured by President Duterte last July 2016 that they will be next for salary increase.  Yet, here we are, more than a year later, and it appears that mere loose change is coming and it seems that he has no intention to fulfill his promise,” Castro said.

“His proposed budget proves that President Duterte just aims to continue the paltry increases from the previous administration’s SSL 4.  We cannot agree to this because this is far from the decent salary we have long been demanding—P25,000 for entry-level teachers and P16,000 as minimum salary in the public sector,” Castro added.

The solon also scored the rightsizing plan recently approved in the Lower House. “Instead of answering the just call for salary increases, the Duterte administration will hit government employees with a rightsizing plan which is no different from the rationalization plans of previous administrations which resulted in massive layoffs, displacement, and contractualization of government employees, further privatization and abolition of necessary government services, freeze hiring.  It caused government employees now to overwork and multitask,” Castro said.

Castro urged her colleagues in Congress to amend the proposed 2018 budget and include substantial salary increases for teachers and other government employees.  ###

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