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Solon seeks increase of teachers’ annual chalk allowance

31 May 2011 No Comment

05 May 2011 09:12:25 AM
Writer: Jazmin S. Camero, MRS-PRIB


A lawmaker is seeking to increase from P700 to P2,000 the annual allowance of classroom teachers for classroom supplies and materials as provided in the annual appropriations for the Department of Education (DepEd).

Rep. Antonio Tinio (Party-list, ACT Teachers) said the government provides classroom teachers with an annual allowance for classroom supplies and materials, popularly known as “chalk allowance,” amounting to Php700 per teacher per school year or P3.50 per school day.

“Such meager amount is not enough to cover the costs, not only of chalk, but also of other supplies such as erasers, pens, pencils, notebooks, class records, Manila paper, cartolina, bond paper, art paper, and others that are essential for the daily function of teaching and learning in the classroom,” Tinio said.

Because of this, classroom teachers are forced to draw from their own finances to pay for classroom supplies and materials, which should be provided by the government, Tinio said.

Tinio sought the immediate passage of House Bill 4134, noting “the policy of the State is to promote and improve the economic status of teachers and assist them in providing quality education to their students.”

House Bill 4134, also known as Teaching Supplies Allowance Act of 2011, seeks to increase the annual allowance for classroom supplies from P700 to P2,000 (P9.85 per day) to relieve the country’s public school teachers of onerous financial burden.

“The Teaching Supplies Allowance shall be paid only to classroom teachers,” Tinio said.

The measure mandates the Secretary of Education to conduct a periodic review of the Teaching Supplies Allowance, taking into account the current prices of classroom supplies and if warranted, recommend the necessary increase in the amount of the allowance.

The amount required to cover the increase shall be included in the Department’s budget proposal for the next fiscal year.

(SOURCE: http://www.congress.gov.ph/press/details.php?pressid=5060)

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