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Solons commemorate 153rd birth anniversary of Andres Bonifacio

30 November 2016 No Comment

30 November 2016

Reference: ACT Teachers Rep. Antonio L. Tinio and Rep. France Castro


ACT Teachers Party-List Representatives Antonio Tinio and France Castro join the November 30 mobilization in Mendiola to commemorate the life of a true national hero, Andres Bonifacio. His legacy remains an inspiration to the filipino people to continue to fight against the neoliberal policies in the country and to struggle for national democracy.

“Bonifacio is a true Filipino hero. His spirit lives in the Filipino people who continue to fight for independence, national democracy and genuine change for the country.” Tinio said, “We also celebrate the modern day Bonifacios, those who genuinely serve and protect the interest of the Filipino people. Not the tyrants, dictators and human rights violators like Marcos.”

Tinio added “The nationalist and democratic struggles of today is not different from the anti-colonial and anti-feudal struggles during the time of Bonifacio. The neoliberal attacks on education and in our society in general limits and binds the Filipino people with policies that robs us from our right to education, and other social services.”

Castro said “We fight with the peasants, workers, youth, educators and other sectors of our society for genuine agrarian reform, the regularization of jobs, accessible and quality education, for the increase in salary and for lower income taxes of our educators and our people. We continue the unfinished struggle of Andres Bonifacio for genuine sovereignty, social justice, and democracy.” Tinio ended.

The protest assembly would be in Welcome Rotonda at 9 am. Participants would then march to Mendiola from 12 noon to 2 pm where they will hold the main program.###


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