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Statement of ACT TEACHERS Party-List Rep. Antonio Tinio on Aquino’s announcement on the abolition of the PDAF

27 August 2013 No Comment


23 August 2013

Reference: ACT TEACHERS Party-List Rep. Antonio Tinio (09209220817)


PNoy’s declaration that it’s time to abolish the PDAF is obviously timed to take the steam out of the massive anti-pork protests on Monday.  We have yet to see the details of the President’s proposal, but based on his statements to the media, it could be the case of the same dog with a different collar, meaning a reformed PDAF with a different name.  Furthermore, he limited his statements to the PDAF, making no mention whatsoever regarding the abolition of the far larger presidential pork.  For these reasons, we urge the public to remain vigilant, come out in full force on Monday, and continue to fight for the thorough dismantling of the pork barrel system.

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