Teacher Organizations Pledge Their Support to House Bills Proposed by Act Teachers Partylist, March 19 2012

Teacher Organizations Pledge Their Support to House Bills Proposed by Act Teachers Partylist

Rep. Antonio Tinio of Act Teachers Partylist led officials of teachers’ organizations in an assembly for the upgrading of teachers’ salary and requested for their full support for the bills being lobbied on teachers’ rights and welfare. Rep. Tinio gave a comprehensive report on all of the house bills on teachers’ rights and welfare, highlighting House Bill No. 2142 or the upgrading of the salary grade of public school teachers from grade 11 to 15.

The National Assembly of Teachers Organization was held at the Department of Education NCR Office and was attended by leaders of teachers’ groups across the region to show their support for the bills advocating for the rights of teachers. The groups included Philippines Elementary School Principals Association, a national association of school heads across the country (PESPA), and, Philippine Public School Teachers Association (PPSTA), a nationwide professional organization for teachers.

The said event was also graced by Dr. Rizalino Jose Rosales, of DepEd NCR, who imparted some updates on the budget deliberation of NCR. “There are still many shortages—in teachers, in classrooms, textbooks, bathrooms and seats. Malaki ang rate ng drop- outs. Marami pang pangangailangan and DepEd NCR. And in this light, rest assured that the DepEd NCR will show its support to the enactment of the bills proposed by ACT Teachers Party-list.

Dr. Mario Ramirez of PPSTA lauded Rep. Tinio’s report, saying that it is comprehensive and transparent. He promised that he will disseminate the report to his contemporaries. “I will ensure that our organization will support the legislation of the bills,” Dr. Ramirez notes.  Dr. Sherwin Manaquil of PESPA also forwarded his commitment to the passing of the bills. “Pag-uwi ko, magoorganize din ako para sa ACT Teachers at ito ay aming susuportahan hanggang katuparan,”Dr. Manaquil seconds.

An open forum, which came in after the report by Rep. Tinio, provided a venue for teachers, principals and other personnel to voice out their dilemmas and suggestions. Their general response was that of gratitude and support to ACT Teachers and the house bills.

“As we continue to lobby for these house bills, especially HB 2142, we continuously seek for the support of our constituents,” Rep. Tinio says. He leaves a challenge to the assembly, urging them to stand by the commitment that they made in the assembly. “Some of the bills have already been passed, some have been co-authored by more than a hundred representatives but some are still pending. What we need now is public pressure coming from the teachers’ sector to push the government to finally pass these bills,” he concludes.

At the end of the assembly, the signing of the covenant of unity became the materialization of all the unities formed during the event. More than 50 teacher leaders signed the covenant of unity and pledged their commitment to take part in collective actions toward the bills’ passage into laws.