Teachers on Impeachment Case against Chief Justice Renato Corona, “Honesty is still the best policy”

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Teachers on Impeachment Case against Chief Justice Renato Corona, “Honesty is still the best policy”
“The message of this quotation is indeed very timely. The hard facts on the discrepancies between Corona’s assets and his bank accounts in the Bank of the Philippine Islands and the Philippine Savings Bank  are more than enough to convict Corona,” Ms France Castro, Secretary-general of Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) said.
But it seems that he is so dense, that resigning from his post is out of the question.  But we  must not be fooled to justify his “untruthful” declarations.
Another concern is that, if  Corona is not hiding anything, then he should open his dollar accounts to public scrutiny. The people deserve to know the truth. We must take a more active role in the impeachment case against the Chief Justice.
“As teachers, we can begin by informing our students on the conduct, content and analysis on the on-going impeachment procedures whatever subject we teach. I am a Math teacher, but I can use the figures on his SALN and bank accounts in my lesson plan.  And to introduce basic math concepts and at the same time induce it with social realities, we can use several approaches so that our student will also be critical of what is happening inside and outside their classrooms.” Ms Castro said.
As a citizen, we should also explain to our students what is at stake on the on-going impeachment process against Corona .  To be able to stand by the truth, honesty is  a must. The case is not against an individual alone, it a case of the people on how public officials must act as public servants who must put public interest above his own personal desires or desires of his masters.
“Hence, we should remind the general public that attendant to this impeachment case is Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s case of plunder of our nation’s wealth. Corona’s former master, GMA must also be convicted and sent to a regular jail instead because no one should be above the law,” Ms France Castro ended.

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    It’s good to know that even our teachers are concerned about our political issues. Its better if they will inform their students about this Philippines Current Events ask them about what their opinion about this case.