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Teachers to troop to Malacanang, air their demands on GSIS to P-Noy

3 May 2010 No Comment

(Originally posted on September 3, 2010)



Hundreds of teacher-leaders from the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT), and teachers’ federations of the National Capital Region, will troop to Malacanang today at 3pm, to air their concerns on the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) to President Benigno Aquino III.


ACT Secretary General Ms. France Castro said that they have requested to hold a dialog with the President so that they may present to him personally their issues and demands. She also added that they will also give to the president their urgent appeal regarding their concerns on the GSIS which is signed by thousands of teachers.


“The government employees, largely composed of teachers, have been burdened by unjust policies of the GSIS for years.” Castro said. “Former president Gloria Arroyo did not do anything about it despite our clamor, which further aggravated our problems. It’s high time that Pres. Noynoy did something about this.”


ACT Vice-Chairperson Benjie Valbuena also said that during the leadership of former GSIS president and general manager Winston Garcia, policies that are unlawful and that have caused hardships on GSIS members were introduced and implemented. Among these are the Premium-Based Policy and the Claims and Loan Interdependency Program (CLIP).


Valbuena added that the teachers and government employees are suffering from these policies, but their contributions have been used to line the pockets of GSIS officials who each received P6M in 2009 alone.


“Eventhough Garcia is no longer with the GSIS, the unjust policies are still being implemented and still continue to be a burden to us members,” Valbuena said. “We demand that these unlawful and unjust policies be scrapped, and Garcia and his cohorts be held accountable!”


ACT also called on Pres. Aquino to appointment genuine representatives of public school teachers, government employees and retirees in the GSIS Board. They also demanded that the GSIS immediately refund all amount which were illegally deducted from members; the investigation and prosecution of Garcia and his cohorts regarding the use of GSIS funds and the implementation of unjust policies.


ACT also demanded for the dropping of charges and suits filed by Garcia against ACT Chairperson, and now ACT TEACHERS Partylist congressman Antonio Tinio.


“We hope that Pres. Noynoy will not only hear our demands, but to also act on it now,” Valbuena added.


Together with ACT, teacher-leaders from the Manila Public School Association (MPSTA) and Quezon City Public School Association (QCPSTA) will join the dialog. ###


References:     France Castro, Secretary General

Benjie Valbuena, Nat’l Vice-chairperson


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