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“There’s money for pork but not for salary increases”

8 August 2013 One Comment


“There’s money for pork but not for salary increases.” ACT TEACHERS Rep. Antonio Tinio made this remark as he scored the Aquino administration’s failure to provide for a salary increase for public sector employees in Malacañang’s proposed budget for 2014.

“The President has proposed P25 billion for legislative pork barrel funds despite intensifying calls for their abolition in the wake of revelations of unprecedented levels of graft and corruption. Meanwhile, for the second straight year, teachers and other government employees will be denied badly needed salary adjustments.”

“There’s money for corruption, but not to ensure that honest civil servants are given decent salaries,” he added.

Tinio noted that the last time government employees received a salary increase was in 2012.

He explained that, unlike in the private sector, where minimum wage levels are reviewed annually, public sector salary levels are set by law. “Malacañang and Congress must work together to authorize and appropriate the funds necessary for salary adjustments in government.”

“When will the Aquino administration grant a public sector wage hike? Will they make public sector employees suffer until the presidential elections in 2016? Unfortunately, Sec. Butch Abad has only said that they are still studying the matter. As for as public school teachers and other government employees are concerned, they need it now to keep up with the rising cost of living,” said Tinio.

Currently, the lowest-priced government employee receives a monthly salary of P9,000 while a  public school teacher receives P18,549. Tinio has filed House Bill 254 that will raise pay to P15,000 and P25,000, respectively.

“How can the vaunted economic growth touted by Malacañang be felt by ordinary citizens if it does not translate to higher incomes for working people?” he added.

The partylist representative called for the realignment of funds, including those for pork barrel, to fund a public sector salary adjustment for 2014.

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