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Trump visit to yield more anti-people policies – solons

10 November 2017 No Comment

10 November 2017

Trump visit to yield more anti-people policies – solonsFB_IMG_1510284624739ACT Teachers representatives Antonio Tinio and France Castro will join the series of protest actions against US President Donald Trump who is set to arrive in the Philippines on November 12 .

The ASEAN and East Asia Summit to be held in the Philippines on November 12-14 and will serve as occasion for the imperialist powers to project their military and political power in the Asia-Pacific region and draw out further liberalization policies from the Philippines and other backward economies.

“US President Trump has been welcomed with protests wherever he goes all over the world and he will also be met with protests in his visit here in the Philippines for the ASEAN Summit,” Tinio said. “His visit in the Philippines will bring more harm than good as he represents the worst of imperialism which subjects the struggling people to worsening forms of oppression and exploitation.”

“US President Trump also represents a fascist and racist leader that brings wars,” Castro said. “He approves of Duterte’s war on drugs, counter-insurgency operations and Martial Law in Mindanao. Duterte, in return, would allow to increase US military presence in the Philippines with agreements such as VFA and EDCA. President Trump wants to involve the Philippines with the US conflict with North Korea.”

“Both US President Trump and President Duterte side with the interests of the rich few with their tax reform packages that cater to big businesses while cutting the budget for social services like health,” Tinio said. “Also the unfair neoliberal treaties and agreements with the US and alliances like ASEAN are the reasons why our salaries remain low, education system remains flawed.”

“We urge the people t join the series of protests against US President Trump and President Duterte and to strengthen our fight against the unequal and anti-people relations of the US and the Philippines,” Castro ended.###

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